Day four of our Aussie video week brings us an early punk nugget, described by the label as “Australia’s first new wave hit single”! UK migrants Malcolm Baxter and Andy Groome, under the name THE LAST WORDS, recorded and released ‘Animal World’ themselves in 1977 and it was reissued twice, by Wizard in Oz and then Rough Trade in the UK. Later delving into dub in the company of Adrian Sherwood, the band had a last hurrah on an unlikely 1981 bill at London’s Lyceum alongside Slade, Discharge and U2 (!!!) before calling it a day. The band will be best remembered, though, for this glorious two-minutes-forty-seconds of Buzzcocky pop-punk. Enjoy!

last words


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  • Ray on

    Buzzcocky?? ‘Pop Punk’ You’ve got to be joking. This is not ‘pop punk’ and sounds nothing like the Buzzcocks.

  • Malcolm Baxter on

    We Liked the Buzzcocks but i don’t think we sounded like them, Love what your doing!
    Malcolm Baxter

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