The UNDERCOVER FESTIVAL, the festival that refuses to die, is back with its ninth edition this Autumn.

One of the UK punk community’s favourite small festivals, Undercover has popped up all over the south of England over the past decade, even reaching as far as London.

Last year’s event, which just managed to sneak in prior to the lockdown in March, was planned to be the last but with boredom and frustration at the lack of live music kicking in, they’ve decided to do it again.

This year’s Undercover will take place at Suburbs, The Holroyd, Guildford over the weekend of 15-17 October.

“We were finally going to call it a day after the successful Undercover 8 in March 2020” says founder Mick Moriarty. “But the boredom of the first lockdown made me rather restless, then we had Rich Steward, Keith, Gerry, Pete and some regulars nagging me relentlessly to look at doing Undercover again; we set up a team who got the crowdfunder campaign going to ensure Undercover 9 went ahead, which had great support from some lovely Undercover People and regulars plus, in the middle of the campaign, Hillsy from Suburbs The Holroyd in Guildford made us an offer we could not refuse, so Undercover Festival NINE is back, plus we have moved up a notch with organising shedloads of Undercover Events gigs before and after October including Undercover TEN in early April 2022.”


As well as the festival, Moriarty has also announced various punk gigs throughout the summer and beyond, including KING KURT, GRADE 2, KIRK BRANDON, ABDOUJAPAROV, THE ACTIVATORS, WITCHDOKTORS and more. Full details and tickets for all shows can be found here.

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  • gerry underwood on

    Undercover has to be the friendliest festival on the circuit. Always a great time with the best people

  • Sean Quinn on

    A truly brilliant festival with the friendliest atmosphere and people, great bands and led by a brilliant family and close team of workers. The best!!!

  • Pat P on

    We love Undercover

    Been a bit of a journey, but always 110% effort from the team and such a nice bunch of people that go.

    We would not miss it for the world and cant wait to get back there in October and in April for the tenth one

    Already bought our early bird tickets for that.

  • Natasha on

    Undercover Festival has it’s own alternative post covid road map. Great music, happy and friendly people. Time to dust off your boots and live again.

  • Rosie Mellows on

    Undercover is a festival like no other.
    Always good band choices.
    Bands and gig goers have a great time. It has an almost tribal feeling of inclusion. ‘We are all family’ is the feeling between organisers, bands and gig goers. Long may it continue.

  • Fleagle on

    Love Undercover, The music , the people – the whole friendly vibe is second to none – always a highlight of the festival calendar – if you have not been yet GO !!

  • Kay on

    Undercover festivals are awesome, put together by the great man, events organiser Mick Moriarty (a legend) and his team. Fantastic music, a warm friendly atmosphere and great people. Looking forward to getting back in to live music and no other place to start is at the Undercover fest this weekend.

  • ChrisB on

    We’ve been proud members of the Undercover family for years.

    It IS a family … some of you haven’t made it along yet, but don’t worry, cos there’s still time to fix that, and you’ll get a warm welcome.

    Just get along and join the friendliest festival on the circuit.

    “See Ya Down The Front !”

  • Richard S on

    Can’t wait for this one! Always bands I’ve wanted to see or want to see again. See you there

  • Tony Smith on

    A real top annual meet up with the best of people, so many people have been to every one, doesn’t that tell you something, each year the punk family grows bigger as more people cotton on to how good, and how friendly the festival really is, Mick and the team work incredibly hard to bring us the best in Alternative music, yes a lot of bands play every year, but that’s because they are bloody good, but each festival, we are treated to a new band or 4 that we’ve never seen, and go away wanting to see them again, as always, really looking forward to the next one.

  • Keith Woodhouse on

    This is a tremendous festival, I’ve been to every one, as well as the music it’s one of the friendliest that I know. Long may it continue.

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