This photo was to be the album cover - click to enlarge

From the great Subs

Steve Roberts album cancelled This photo was to be the album cover - click to enlarge

Ex-Subs drummer Steve Roberts, who now goes by the name Stevie ZeSuicide was due to release his first album through the Northern Irish Punkerama Records, who recently re-issued the U.K. Subs’ ‘A Blast In Belfast’.
The album, entitled ‘Hellraiza‘ was planned to be available on coloured vinyl and CD.
7th October: Interview with SOUNDSPHERE – CLICK HERE
Punkerama website HERE
Punkerama Facebook HERE

Statement from Punkerama Records 13/10/2011:
The planned release of the Steve (Stevie Ze Suicide) Roberts’ album has proved to have too many complications, which makes it impossible for Punkerama Records to release. Punkerama wishes Steve all the best in his future work. There are some great tracks on the album, he does have something to offer the world, it just can’t be done with our label as it would take too long to sort out.



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