Manchester psychonauts THE SPEED OF SOUND have a new video out which they’re unveiling exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

Taken from their acclaimed album Museum Of Tomorrow, ‘Blood Sweat And Tears’ “raises a cultured post-punk fist of anger for the downtrodden at the structural economic forces that simultaneously drive high rents and low wages in the dystopian reality that is the 21st Century, where a living wage is insufficient to live. A dreamlike high street shopping scene forms the visual backdrop where people are recast as mere consumers and resources to be exploited. A cry for humanity at the inhumanity of corporate indifference. Protest is never useless.”

Releasing their first record in 1989, The Speed Of Sound have been beavering away below the Manchester music radar and have been picking up a string positive reviews for their fifth album, released last year – not least from Vive Le Rock, who described it as ‘unique and other worldly’ . Observers have also likened them to The Stranglers meet Jefferson Airplane or Debbie Harry and Lou Reed were fronting The Who and Television at the same time!

Museum Of Tomorrow is available here.

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Pic by Shay Rowan

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  • Mark Waters on

    Great video,great song ,even greater album!

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