Hot new London band THE HEAT INC. release their incendiary debut single today and they’re premiering the video exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

‘Raptors’ was recorded by the quartet at RYP Recordings in North-West London with producer Michael smith.

“I love the Black Keys’ ‘Lonely Boy’ video and we have used that concept but our video’s character, the actor Joe Law, his performance is more extreme,” says guitarist Marco Simoncelli. “The video has been shot by This studio production directors on their balcony in Bermondsey. The view over the city is stunning, which is why we picked it as we thought it was a perfect scenario for the video. Joe rehearsed for almost three weeks to deliver a great energetic performance.”

‘Raptors’ is out through Melted Dino Records and is available digitally here!

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  • Giuseppe on

    Simply Fantastic
    Rock Rock Rock.

  • Bobby on

    Rock n Roll

    • Suza on

      Great song and amazing video! I love the skyscape and brilliant choreography.

  • Deb Ursin on

    RAWK!!! Love those riffs!

    • ACE on

      I love this!

  • jim jimmy james on

    Who hasn’t had a slightly drunken dance like that when home alone?
    Okay who will admit to doing it when sober?
    Love the video and the tune is great too.

  • Flavio on


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