When the sun sets we have some great shows for you at South of the Border, venue on Old Street, the El Paso Bar, upstairs serves a great selection of cold beers ciders, spirits and mixers and Hot Mexican food. and great live bands playing downstairs for a perfect summers evening  Thursday 8th July *Alternative /Rock/ Emo* South of the Border VERSES THE HYPE THEORY £5.00adv 9pm doors  Friday 9th July *Hair Metal / Glam Rock* South of the Border AQUANET 80s Hair Metal club playing the classics Gun n Roses, Motley Crew, Posion, etc 9.00pm to late  Saturday 10th July *Thrash Metal* CAUGHT IN A MOSH ! Thrash metal club night London only if not UK only dedicated Thrash night, expect the classics  and a  few rare tracks from DJ Hackett on the decks throwing shapes and drinking beers, come down and drink beers and thrash and join the mosh! £4.00 / £5.00 9.00pm - 2.00am  Wednesday 14th July *Rock* South of the Border P.I.G (Featuring BIG JON + SARAH from CONFLICT) PETTYBONE £5.00adv 8.00pm doors  Thursday 15th July *60s girl actress & singers, inspirations Jane Birkin* A night of classic 60 sounds. South of the Border VIRVE SA VIE LIZZY & THE YES MEN  Friday 16th July *Punk Rock club night* South of the Border EVERYTHING SUCKS Punk night Guest bands THE ARTERIES + DOM RAMOS PLAYERS 9.00pm doors £5.00  Thursday 22nd July *Alternative / Punk* South of the Border WONK UNIT + supports £5.00adv 8.00pm doors  Thursday 29th July *Alternative / Indie* South of the Border HOME. UNDER.GROUND. RECORDS, Presents CHEATAHS DIGNAN PORCH NOT COOL COLOURS 8.00pm doors  Friday 30th July *Punk Rock / Garage* South of the Border NEAT NEAT NEAT Punk club night with guest band XX CORTEZ £4.00 b4 11pm £5.00 after 9.00pm doors  Venue Closed for a refit & refurbishment 3  weeks in Aug, back on Aug 27th with Neat Neat Neat, then closed for early Sept for more work on the refit refurbishment. Hit us up for  mid Sept onward bookings now  Friday 27th Aug *Punk Rock / Garage* South of the Border NEAT NEAT NEAT Guest band THE TEN O SEVENS £4.00 b4 11pm / £5.00 after 9.00pm doors  Friday 17th Sept *Punk Rock* South of the Border EVERYTHING SUCKS Club night Guest band t.b.c £5.00 9.00pm doors  Sat 18th Sept Re launch of SOTB South of the Border New venue official opening party Special Guests  Friday 24th Sept *Punk Rock/ Garage* South of the Border NEAT NEAT NEAT  Punk rock club Guest band THE REAL NUMBERS ( USA) £4.00 b4 11pm/ £5.00 after 9.00pm doors  Saturday 25th Sept *Thrash* South of the Border CAUGHT IN A MOSH Thrash Metal club night Guest Band t.b.c 9.00pm doors  Thursday 30th Sept *Rock* South of the Border ATLAS & I + supports £5.00 adv 8.00pm doors  Saturday 2nd Oct *Rock* South of the Border HOPE & STATE SOCIAL CLUB £5.00adv  Bands coming up in October,check website or myspace for up dates CHICKENHAWK  MARCH OF THE RAPTORS KNUCKLE DRAGGER     
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