SISTERS OF MERCY are to issue an expanded vinyl version of their classic early years compilation.

Originally released on CD in 1992, Some Girls Wander By Mistake comprises all the band’s originally singles and b-sides on their own Merciful Release label from 1980 to ’83, including the rare ‘Damage Done’ 7″, featuring only Andrew Eldritch and original guitarist Gary Marx.

The new box set features the compilation as a double-vinyl LP for the first time. It also adds two 12″ singles, including a 1993 rerecording of their 1982 breakthrough single ‘Alice’ and a version of ‘Temple Of Love’ featuring Israeli singer Ofra Haza, a Top 3 hit for the band in 1992.

The album’s title comes from a lyric in the Leonard Cohen song ‘Teachers’,covered live by the band frequently. It appears on the album Songs Of Leonard Cohen, alongside the song ‘Sisters Of Mercy’, from which they take their name.

Some Girls Wander By Mistake is set for release through Rhino on 1 September. Full tracklisting is as follows….

Side One

1. “Alice”
2. “Floorshow”
3. “Phantom”
4. “1969”

Side Two
1. “Kiss The Carpet”
2. “Lights”
3. “Valentine”
4. “Fix”
5. “Burn”
6. “Kiss The Carpet” – Reprise

Side Three
1. “Temple Of Love” – Extended Version 1983
2. “Heartland”
3. “Gimme Shelter”

Side Four
1. “The Damage Done”
2. “Watch”
3. “Home Of The Hit-Men”
4. “Body Electric”
5. “Adrenochrome”
6. “Anaconda”

Temple of Love (12”)
Side One
1. “Temple Of Love” – Touched by the Hands of Ofra Haza

Side Two
1. “Vision Thing” – Canadian Club Remix

Under The Gun (12”)
Side One
1. “Under The Gun” – Metropolis Mix

Side Two
1. “Alice” – 1993 Version
2. “Under The Gun” – Jutland Mix


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