BLOCKHEADS and WILKO JOHNSON bassist NORMAN WATT-ROY is being celebrated in a new exhibition in London next month.

The multi-media exhibition at the newly opened Cadiz Gallery in Deptford features sound, fine art, illustration and animation, studying movement, music and the sonic experience of being in close proximity of live, raw, rock and roll being produced.

Serving time in early-70s bands THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH and GLENCOE before joining Radio Caroline-endorsed jazz-funksters LOVING AWARENESS, soon to be recruited by IAN DURY as The Blockheads. The rest is history.

The exhibition features the work of Essex-based artist, Tad Blower and will serve as the launch for his retro-style Norman Watt-Roy Flicker Book. On display will be Tad’s supporting drawings, giant expressive paintings, and animations.

“This exhibition could be seen as an absurd piece of ‘fan art’ gone out of control,” says Tad. “It is really an honest and exciting response to a unique and interesting subject matter… going to live gigs, especially in small venues is quite bizarre, it’s as much about watching as it is listening… watching and absorbing as legends do their thing.”

Formatively a fine artist/painter, Tad has more recently moved into animation – creating artwork for Julien Temple’s Oil City Confidential and Richard England’s East End Babylon.  “I am really pleased with the flicker book,” he says. “It is pocket-sized work of art that records some of the umpteen facial expressions, body contortions and finger movements of Norman in concert.  When I was child I would spend hours flicking through flicker books, there is something really magical about them”.

The exhibition opens on Wednesday 1 February at the Cadiz Gallery, 13 Harmon Place, London SE8 3FE. Admission is FREE.

The Norman Watt-Roy Flicker Book is available to order now from our very own Vive Le Shop!

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