Nidge Miller

DIED  Feb. 10, 2007 (aged 48)

Nidge Miller †             Feb. 10, 2007

Alan Paul Nigel Miller
* Nov. 21, 1958

† Feb. 10, 2007
Austin, TX, USA

Cause of Death
Miller was struck by a car and died on impact after walking on to a freeway after a show in Austin, Texas.


Guitarist/songwriter for British punk/oi! band BLITZ. Famous for songs like Warriors and Razors in the Night. Nidge and Blitz will not be forgotten!!


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  • Napoléon Nikolai Živković on

    R-I-P Nidge; honoured to have finally seen & met you @ Connections (Clifton, New Jersey pub), early oughts [2003-04?]

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