Ace Scottish punks and Wonkfest faves THE MURDERBURGERS have recently suffered a touring disaster.

On the way to catch a ferry home after dates in Belgium, a deer appeared out of nowhere and totalled their car. What with the damage to their vehicle and the cost of alternative transport home, they reckon they’re down at least a couple of grand.

In a post on Facebook, they admitted, “Apart from being shaken up we’re all okay, but the car is a mess, we’re financially ruined and we ended up stuck at a hotel in Belgium for a couple of days. Didn’t see this coming at all and we’re all mentally buggered.”

In an effort to claw back some of the money, and not wishing to ask for something in return for nothing, they’ve slashed the price of items on their Bandcamp page, including their latest album The 12 Habits Of Highly Deffective People which came out last year. You can also download the band’s entire catalogue for under a tenner.

Anyone wishing just to offer a donation can contact the band via Bandcamp or Facebook.

The band are also considering organising a fundraising gig in Edinburgh later this month.

Check out the video for ‘Lung Capacity’.

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