Fort Wayne’s finest, LEFT LANE CRUISER return with a brand new album next week and they’re premiering a track exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

In fact, ‘Liquor Store’ is so exclusive, you’ll only find it on the CD version of Claw Machine Wizard and not on the vinyl or digital versions.

After sporting a three-piece line-up on 2015’s Dirty Spliff Blues, band founder Freddy J Evans IV has returned Left Lane Cruiser to a duo format for Claw Machine Wizard, retaining the services of drummer Pete Dio. Having said that, sonically seaking, they’re still pushing forward….

“There’s still a lot of signature LLC gut-bucket blues on the new record,” Freddy explains, “but we’re constantly trying to expand the sound. I’ve always kept our foundation in blues and classic rock, but after a decade of making albums, eventually new flavors creep in. On the road we listen to a lot of James Brown, Funkadelic, Parliament, Charles Bradley and other soulful artists. Also been jammin’ MF Doom’s Special Herbs, which are his instrumental tracks. Those kinds of sounds had a big influence on this record. I think in general this record is a huge departure from the previous LLC albums. We kinda refer to it as our soul record. There’s a lot of different flavors on this one.”

Speaking of influences, the artwork for Claw Machine Wizard takes its lead from the iconic sleeve designs of the MC5’s Back In The USA and DR FEELGOOD’s Down By The Jetty.


Talking about ‘Liquor Store’, Freddy says, “This a tune about partying on the road and how much trouble it brings us with our ladies back home. My wife is my goddess, my queen, my moon and stars, but she keeps a tight leash on me when it comes to partying. And when you play rock’n’roll, partying is your business, and business is good.”

Set for release on 19 May through Alive Naturalsound, Claw Machine Wizard is available to pre-order here.


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Pic by Joe Faurote

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