Punk-blues outfit J.D. HANGOVER prepare for the long-awaited release of their debut EP with their first ever video, which they’re launching exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

‘Barrelhouse Queen’ is the opening cut from the 6-track eponymous release which is set to drop this autumn through Annibale Records, also responsible for releases from Dead Coast, Go!Zilla, The Shivas, Kim & The Created, etc.

Steeped in the murky twilight of East London villainy, the minimalist video was shot in the suitably noirish locations of the Greenwich foot tunnel and Hackney’s notorious ‘murder mile’, Lower Clapton Road.

J.D. Hangover is the latest project of Italian punk-blues legend Stiv Cantarelli and Roberto Villa from STIV CANTARELLI & THE SILENT STRANGERS, whose acclaimed second album Banks Of The Lea (produced by Pete Bennett of MONKEY ISLAND) received a glowing 9 out of 10 review from Vive Le Rock back in 2014.

Written in the back of a van between gigs, and recorded at Villa’s analogue studio in the town of Forli, the songs on the EP meld the influence of Delta bottleneck blues, garage fuzz and the propulsive, motorik drum-machine rhythm of Suicide.

Says Stiv, “We wanted to recreate the same atmosphere of being in one room with all the gear and playing live. So we put a 50s RCA microphone in between us and the tube amps that we used to amplify the instruments and the drum machine. That mic recorded the reverb, the noises, the sights, the moving feet, the crackling chairs in the room. We mixed it with guitar feedback, tape delay and the organ fuzz tone. We played it back and we thought we nailed it.”

The pair are currently planning UK dates for the autumn.

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