Nashville post-punks THE BY GODS herald the release of their third album with a new single and video.

The decidedly grungey ‘Rat In My House’ is taken from Move On, which is set for release on 20 October. The single will be available on all the usual platforms from Monday 31 July.

Comprising husband-and-wife George and Natalie Pauley and drummer Tye Hammonds, the ban wrote much of the album during the divisive US presidential campaign. Produced, mixed and engineered by Alex Newport (Deathcab For Cutie, At The Drive-In) who was instrumental in the band finding their new sound, it’s a marked departure from the band’s earlier material.

“Living in a small town growing up, my friends and I always wanted to get out,”says George of the new single. “Most of us made it, but we still have to go back several times each year to see parents, attend funerals, parties, etc. It’s like a Black Hole, the draw it has and how it pulls people back after they move away. ‘Rat In My House’ is mainly about being stuck in a small town death trap. It’s like a maze you can’t find your way out of. It’s the same of all small towns, once you’re entrenched, you can’t see past the bubble and the small town becomes the centre of your universe. Some people prefer that I suppose.”

The band is currently on a lengthy tour of the US, with plans to visit the UK in the near future.


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