Swedish rock’n’roll legends THE HELLACOPTERS make good on their reunion with the release of an exclsusive two-track 12″ next month!

The iconic Stockholm rockers surprised everyone when they announced that they would be reuniting in 2016 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of their classic debut Supershitty To The Max! with an appearance at Sweden Rock.

The new release comprises ‘My Mephistophelean Creed’ and ‘Don’t Stop Now, two songs that were written by the band back in 1996 but were never made an official release.  They were recorded at guitarist Nicke Andersson’s Honk Palace studio earlier this year.

The 12″ is set for release on 3 June – the week before Sweden Rock – through  Psychout / Sound Pollution.

Sound Pollution’s Carl Schewen makes no bones about the release: “Ouff! When I first heard that The Hellacopters will be celebrating Supershitty To The Max! at the Sweden Rock Festival, I thought someone was pulling my leg, but it turned out to be true after all! Later on when I was asked to put out this 12” I was as psyched as I was 20 years ago when Nicke first asked me if I was interested in releasing their first album.”

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