Hotly-tipped Southend rockers HEADLINE MANIAC have announced a new single and are launching the video exclusively with Vive Le Rock today!

‘Idiot Me’ is the first single to be taken from their self-titled debut album, which is out on 8 July through Red Hot Records. The video is the work of band friend and filmmaker Phil Calland.

A trio of long-serving EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS members Ian ‘Dipster’ Dean (bass/lead vocals), Chris Taylor (guitar/vocals) and Simon Bowley (drums/vocals), Headline Maniac came together a year ago to open for the original Hot Rods line-up at a series of 40th Anniversary shows. Encouraged by a phenomenal response at those dates, they’ve swiftly grown into their name while honing their sound at a series of high-energy club shows, and are now poised to unleash their catchy and compulsive debut.

Explaining why ‘Idiot Me’ was the obvious track to introduce Headline Maniac’s blend of solid blues-based rock ‘n’ roll, punchy contemporary punk, and earworm pop hooks to listeners, Dipster says “It’s the perfect song as the first single, as it represents what the band is about. It has a great catchy hook, it’s got elements of rock and punk throughout, and once you hear it you’ll be humming it all day”.


In this exclusive interview, Headline Maniac drummer Simon Bowley talks to Vive Le Rock!

Why on earth are you known as Headline Maniac? Is it any member of the band in particular?
As people will know, our bassist is known as Dipster, which – shock horror! – isn’t his real name! However, when we put his full real name as an anagram it spelt out Headline Maniac, which we thought was a great name for the band.

How did you guys get together?
When original Eddie and the Hot Rods drummer Steve Nicol finally left the band, I – his nephew – took over. In the year 2000 I recruited Dipster on bass and Chris joined in 2004, so all three of us have been enjoying the ups and downs of touring in a rock band for a long time now. Dipster had been busy writing material and thought we could record a new Hot Rods album, but we all felt it wasn’t quite right for the Hot Rods sound, but far too good to shelve so the three of us decided to do a side project and record the album as Headline Maniac.

Vive Le Rock were very impressed with your set at Eddie And The Hot Rods anniversary show last year. Did you enjoy that one?
That show was fantastic, we had only done a warm up gig at the Square in Harlow the night before. It was strange because we are so used to walking out as Eddie and the Hot Rods and know what to expect, whereas we had to go out in front of 500/600 people who were there to see the four original members and play songs nobody had heard before, and we were blown away by the reaction. That’s what made us decide to carry on really

How is your new album different from your day job in the Hot Rods?
As the Hot Rods we have always tried to be respectful of their heritage and try not to stray from that sound too much; with the Headline Maniac album it gives us a chance to be more ourselves. All three of us are more into the hard rock edge of music, Chris especially can open up a bit more with his guitar sound and solo playing. Although all the tracks were written by Dipster, we all brought our own style of playing into the tracks and I think that’s why it’s got a mix of hard rock /punk/ blues feel to the album.

Where can Vive Le Rockers see Headline Maniac next?
The band has a good few shows coming in, but the next couple of gigs are The Talking Heads, Southampton on 15 July and Brightlingsea Music Fest, Essex on 6 Aug.

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