Ahead of the release of his new album, due out sometime later this year, JIM BOB, of CARTER USM fame, has unveiled the short-but-totally-on-the-money single, ‘2020 WTF!’.

“I wrote ‘2020 WTF!’ at the end of 2019,” he says. “Back then I made an educated guess that the things that seemed so awful and negative – terrorism, war, knife and gun crime, school shootings, toxic masculinity, polarised opinion on social media, etc – wouldn’t miraculously disappear with the final bongs, fireworks and boogie-woogie piano notes of the New Year.

“So I took a punt and included the song in what will be my new album. I’d always planned on releasing ‘2020 WTF!’ as a single around about now. Little did I know how lacking of a third verse it might end up sounding. How elephanty in the room it is. But the sentiment in the song remains the same. Uplifting and moving songs at difficult times are great. ‘Imagine’ and ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ do their trick just fine. But sometimes what you need is 26 seconds of punk rock discombobulation and despair to scream at the wall.”

Download ‘2020 WTF!’ here.

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