Leicester grebo mavericks GAYE BYKERS ON ACID finally made good on their long delayed 100 Club show last November. Vive Le Rock‘s Pete Woods was there…


Two years after tickets were originally purchased, everything may not be completely groovy (baby) yet but Grebos are back on patrol. A ‘stewed to the gills’ 100 club on the penultimate night of this tour sees the throngs assembled and ready to be transported back to the late 80s when GBOA were playing legendary events like Reading Festival, Acid Daze and Treworgey Tree Fayre. Brain synapses are fired straight there as they strike up the Clockwork Orange intro tape and blast-off into the first song they ever wrote ‘TV Cabbage’. Although Tony Byker living in Tokyo was unable to make this tour, stand in grizzled road-hog Tom Stanley looks and sounds the part, trading riffs with Robber and the band seem refreshed and in their element. Mary proves perfect host as they drive us deeper into ‘Delirium’ and we ‘Git Down’, citing Iain Banks’ The Crow Road as early inspiration and suggesting we visit the bar as we get to grips with newer number ‘Sodium Sun’. The punkish swagger of ‘Rad Dude’ sounding like The Stupids going all-out with The Beastie Boys is a definite highlight and by closer ‘Nosedive Karma’ we are all truly giddy from shaking our thangs.
Pete Woods

Grebo! The Loud & Lousy Story Of Gaye Bykers On Acid And Crazyhead by Vive Le Rock‘s Rich Deakin is available now here!

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