DUNCAN REID & THE BIG HEADS are back with a brand new album and video which they’re premiering exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

Tastefully edited for daytime TV consumption, ‘Mother******’ is taken from Don’t Blame Yourself, the ex-Boys bass-player’s band’s fourth album, which follows on from 2017’s critically acclaimed Bombs Away.

Writing about the song in the album’s sleeve-notes, Reid says, “Provoked by a tweet from a young man in Essex, his photo showing full on tattoos, bald head and beer belly, who referred to our most aristocratic Member of Parliament affectionately and with complete approval as ‘the Mogster’. It begged the question: how does someone, who would consider that young man to be an appalling, badly spoken, ignorant oik, evoke such admiration from the object of his disdain? All references to that politician are entirely accidental, of course.”

Don’t Blame Yourself is out now through Cherry Red.

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  • george ward on

    Duncan , the whole band are so happy and really seem to love each other! I can imagine the laughs off camera and may be cut scenes ( if there was any I would love to hear what use are saying and laughing about ) I still don’t get what you and your guitarist find so funny about blowing something up ? It is bound to be so obvious . This is truly a breath of fresh air in the music business ! Love it

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