Tickets are selling fast for THE DAMNED’s 40th Anniversary show at the Royal Albert Hall next year.

As previously announced, in a bid to celebrate their fortieth birthday in style, the band have booked in at that bastion of the establishment, the Royal Albert Hall, London on Friday 20 May 2016.

They’re planning a very special show, the content of which is being kept a closely guarded secret. When asked what could be expected, Dave Vanian enigmatically replied, “Expect the unexpected”.

Captain Sensible responded “Anyone informing the snotty bunch of oiks that we were back in ’76 that the band may be playing the Albert Hall forty years later would’ve undoubtedly been greeted with a prize selection of four letter expletives. The Damned had a surly edge back then… not exactly the urbane gents about town you find us today. How we managed to come through four decades of chaos and destruction is a miracle…. even scattering a few decent records in our wake as we went.

“Our 40th Anniversary show will be a celebration, not just of a band but a special time in British music history… the dawn of punk, when seemingly anything was possible if you could strum a couple of chords on a guitar. And if the Albert Hall is good enough for Messrs Clapton and Wakeman then it’s good enough for us. On the night a fun and varied setlist will shine a light around the darkest corners of the jolly old discography…. can’t wait!”

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Pic by Steve Lilly

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  • shev on

    amazing and heartwarming to see the damned still treading the creaky boards-theyve been through thick and thin yet still one of the best bands you will ever see.not scared to venture into different styles either.good on yers!

  • MI expect them - and the audience - to Do The Right Thing and get rock banned from the RAH as Mott did 40-odd years ago!organ Fisher on

    I expect them – and the audience – to Do The Right Thing and get rock banned from the RAH as Mott did 40-odd years ago!

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