East Midlands grebo legends CRAZYHEAD are to reform!

The ‘What Gives You The Idea That You’re So Amazing Baby’ hitmakers will return to the stage at the fourth Indie Daze alldayer at the O2 Forum in London on Saturday 7 October, alongside THE HOUSE OF LOVE, VOICE OF THE BEEHIVE,  Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls of THE WONDERSTUFF, THOUSAND YARD STARE, SALAD, BIS and APOLLO 440.

The event will see four of the eight acts playing London for the first time in more than a decade.

Tickets priced £32.50 are on sale now here.

Darlings of the late ’80s grebo scene, Crazyhead released two highly sought-after singles before signing to Parlophone, and enjoying worldwide success. The Leicester band nearly reformed a few years ago, but in the end frontman Anderson, bassist Porkbeast and drummer Vom settled for a partial reunion in the widely acclaimed SWAMP DELTA alongside GAYE BYKERS ON ACID bassist Robber.


In an exclusive chat with Vive Le Rock, Porkbeast explained why now….

All the stars were in place. Gaye Bykers On Acid reformed and played the Indie Daze festival last year and I was backstage. There I met the lovely Grant Holby of Mute Elephant who promoted the event. The offer was made for a spot on next year’s event so it just all fell into place. I put it to everyone else and we were all up for it except original guitarist Fast Dick. However, we got a yes from Pete Creed who replaced Dick when he left in the early 1990s. So it all made sense.

Why didn’t it happen last time?

The Rock Gods of Spinal Tap decreed “too much perspective” and it fell through. Just could not make it work. It was this and the lack of a GBOA reform that gave myself and Robber the impetus to form Swamp Delta.

Had you all remained in touch?

Me and Dick were out of the loop until 2014 . Dick still is. I was reconnected with everyone when Vom looked me up on the electoral role to find me!

Are you going to be doing any other gigs?

We have plans. We want to get playing together again first. The future will look after itself.

What have you got to prove?

That we can still rock like bastards.

Crazyhead’s reissued second album Some Kind Of Fever and a DVD of their Reading ’89 set are available here.

Check out Crazyhead playing ‘That Kind Of Love’ at London’s Town & Country (now the Forum) in ’89.

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