Leeds anarchists CHUMBAWAMBA could be about to have their story told in a new documentary film. That’s if film-maker and former singer DUNSTAN BRUCE’s crowdfunding campaign reaches its target.

I Get Knocked Down: The Untold Story Of Chumbawamba charts the band’s unlikely rise from squat gigs to international stardom, and Bruce has set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project. Find out more here.

Formed in 1982, Chumbawamba made their debut recorded appearance on Crass Records’ Bullshit Detector 2 compilation before founding the Agit-Prop label to release their sharply political records and promote activism. Controversially signing to EMI in the late 90s, they had a major worldwide hit with the dance-flavoured ‘Tubthumbing’ before infamously dousing then Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott in water at the Brit Awards.

Leaving the band in 2004, Bruce recently made a documentary on The Levellers, A Curious Life and is in the band INTERROBANG.


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