Yes this is 2011!!! and yes REAL PUNKERS STILL DO EXIST!!!!!  >  > Their hair styles may not turn as many heads nowadays, and Dad now LOVES sons > hoop earings and tattoo's... HE HAS THEM TOO! But the thing is, it has never > been about appearance, it has always been about thinking for yourself, and > TAKING ACTION! And it's good to see some things haven't changed! >  > After the massive success of the "God Save the Queenslanders" punk rock > flood-raiser CD release, Pleasant Records have stepped it up and "hand picked" > a select few Aussie and Kiwi Punk-Rock acts to take charge in Christchurch > "OUT OF DEBT", an exclusive 12" Vinyl compilation to raise funds for the > earthquake effected people of Christchurch. >  > With NEW and UNRELEASED tracks from street punkers "Topnovil", to celtic > rockers "The Rumjacks", and all the way around to 1980's NZ hardcore legends > "Desperate Measures" and "Evasive Action", this album is hair product melting > proof!!!.... that REAL PUNKS are alive and well and doing what they have > always done, pick up their fallen brothers and sisters! >  > Track listing: >  1. TOPNOVIL -  Action Boy >  2. THE OPTIONALS - Trade In My Head >  3. THE RABBLE - Burning In the Fire >  4. 5th THREAT - Transmission >  5. EVASIVE ACTION - Militant Takeover >  6. KITSCH - Volunteer_S.P.C.A >  7. CASINO RUMBLERS - Seeing Scars >  8. THE RUMJACKS -  An Irish Pub Song >  9. DESPERATE MEASURES - 1984 (Live) > 10. THIS WAR - It Says Here > . > Albums stores APRIL 30th, and online > here: >  > 100% of All money made going to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal! >  > LETS TAKE ACTION BOY!!! >   
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