Newsletter, March 2014

  Welcome!  Packed Newsletter this month! New CD series, loads of vinyl and news of a very special Anniversary CD - so let's get straight to it!  NEW COLLECTORS SERIES ON CD  We've been thinking about it for a LOOOONG TIME - a series of CDs for the die-hard fans and collectors. It's the reason Captain Oi started in the first place. To bring out the albums by bands that are ignored by the mainstream labels and media... If we had our way there's loads of releases we'd like to do but unfortunately you can't press 1000 copies if only 20 people buy them! So we've thought long and hard about what releases to do and we're kicking off with 2 that should appeal to any self respecting Punk Rock fan as they are by the legend that is Mr Charlie Harper.  -------------------------  CHARLIE HARPER - STOLEN PROPERTY    First time on CD for Charlie's one and only solo LP.Originally released back in 1981 by Flicknife Records we've now added both of his early 80's solo singles, "Freaked" and "Barmy London Army" . The Time & Matter website boys have done a great job on the detailed sleeve notes and the whole thing has come from the original album master tapes.   This is available for £12.99 including UK delivery. Tracklist and order details available here:    -------------------------  URBAN DOGS - NO PEDIGREE      At last available and restored to its original unedited self which should please all UK Subs and Vibrators fans.   This is the Urban Dogs second studio album and like Charlie's solo album which we've also just re-issued, has been mastered from the original studio tapes so sounds great. Also looks great as the artwork includes rare pictures and detailed liner notes by the know it alls at the UK Subs Time & Matter website. There's also a brief liner not from Charlie himself.   This is available for £12.99 including UK delivery. Tracklist and order details available here:    -------------------------  SPECIAL OFFER   We're also offering a package deal. Buy both and you can get them for £20 delivered to your door*   Follow this link for the special offer:  *UK only - shipping rates apply for Europe / Rest of Word. See website for details     THE EXPLOITED VINYL RE-ISSUES  The latest Vinyl Re-Issues to arrive from LET THEM EAT VINYL are 3 EXPLOITED titles.   THE EXPLOITED - PUNKS NOT DEAD   Debut Studio album from Punk Legends THE EXPLOITED. Originally released in 1981 on Secret Records, this re-issue is a DOUBLE ALBUM featuring all the relevant bonus tracks from that era.    * DELUXE 140 GRAM * DOUBLE ALBUM * CLEAR VINYL - 1000 ONLY * GATEFOLD SLEEVE * LIMITED EDITION  -------------------------  THE EXPLOITED - LET'S START A WAR...   3rd Studio album from Punk Legends THE EXPLOITED. Originally released in 1983 on Pax Records, this re-issue is a features all the relevant bonus tracks from that era.  * DELUXE 140 GRAM * RED VINYL - 1000 ONLY * GATEFOLD SLEEVE * LIMITED EDITION  -------------------------  THE EXPLOITED - PUNK SINGLES & RARITIES 1980-3   All the Exploited singles and Rarities from 1980-83 on one deluxe vinyl release!  * DELUXE 140 GRAM * DOUBLE ALBUM * YELLOW VINYL - 1000 ONLY  * GATEFOLD SLEEVE * LIMITED EDITION  -------------------------  More importantly than a bit of wax, Exploited singer, punk legend and all round top bloke Wattie recently suffered a heart attack in Portugal. We’ve just heard from him – he’s back in the UK and awaiting an operation. We wish him all the very best on behalf of everyone at Captain Oi and all our punters….  THE SELECTER 35th Anniversary of "Too Much Pressure"  Sneak preview for what's coming next month....   We are re-issuing a Deluxe Hardback Digibook CD of The Selecters Debut album and certified 2-Tone Classic "TOO MUCH PRESSURE". Currently on tour celebrating their 35th Anniversary, the band will also be playing many festivals over the summer including REBELLION FESTIVALS in Blackpool -     LATEST VINYL RE-ISSUES IN STOCK  Continuing with the Vinyl Re-Issue frenzy that is LET THEM EAT VINYL we've got a few boxes of their latest releases and they are:   4SKINS - SINGLES & RARITIES   THE BUSINESS - SUBURBAN REBELS   LAST RESORT - A WAY OF LIFE (SKINHEAD ANTHEMS)   UK SUBS - ENDANGERED SPECIES   VARIOUS ARTISTS - CARRY ON Oi   We've also got a box of these from German label MAD BUTCHER:   ANGELIC UPSTARTS - POWER OF THE PRESS         STILL AVAILABLE ON VINYL  Don't forget all these titles that have already been re-issued. We still have some limited stock of:      4 SKINS – FISTFUL OF....  -------------------------    4 SKINS – GOOD THE BAD & THE 4SKINS  -------------------------  THE BUSINESS – SATURDAYS HEROES -  -------------------------  DEAD KENNEDYS – PLASTIC SURGERY DISASTERS -  -------------------------  DEAD KENNEDYS – IN GOD WE TRUST -  -------------------------  DEAD KENNEDYS – FRANKENCHRIST -  -------------------------  DEAD KENNEDYS – BEDTIME FOR DEMOCRACY -  -------------------------  DEAD KENNEDYS – GIVE ME CONVENIENCE OR GIVE ME DEATH -  -------------------------  DEAD KENNEDYS -  LIVE AT THE DEAF CLUB -   -------------------------     RAMONES – THE CRETIN HOP –  -------------------------  RAMONES – BRAIN DRAIN –  -------------------------  RAMONES – MONDO BIZARRO –  -------------------------  RAMONES – ACID EATERS –  -------------------------  RAMONES – ADIOS AMIGOS –  -------------------------  RAMONES – LOCO LIVE –  -------------------------  The Vibrators – Pure Mania – ( )  -------------------------  The Vibrators – V2 –  THAT'S ALL FOR NOW!  We hope you support the new Collectors Series and pick up the Charlie Harper and Urban Dogs CDs. There's loads of other titles we want to do but whether they're viable will depend on the success of the early releases.   Loads more vinyl to come next month too!   Stay in touch via our Facebook page:    That's it for this issue - until next time - KEEP THE FAITH  SHOP ONLINE  Captain Oi Records, PO BOX 501, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP10 8QA, ( ) 
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