Australian punk icons THE CELIBATE RIFLES are back with their first release in 14 years.

Meeting The Mexicans: Live In Melbourne is the Sydney band’s first new album since 2004’s Beyond Respect, and the third live album of their career.

The album is a result of an increased period of activity from the band, who’ve been playing several dates over the past couple of years, including a tour with reformed Aussie legends THE SUNNYBOYS.

Recorded at the city’s Thornbury Theatre in June last year, Meeting The Mexicans features 12 tracks, half electric and half acoustic, including covers of The MC5’s ‘Shakin’ Street’ and Iggy & The Stooges’ ‘Gimme Danger’.

Speaking about the release, guitarist and band founder Kent Steedman told Vive Le Rock, “We had a long soundcheck as we had to set up for two different sets, so it was a longer than usual lead-up. This was the first time in many years that we tried an acoustic set, it went over well as always, despite its imperfections, and listening back to it the feel and humour was there, hence this CD. There’s a couple of handling errors and ‘feet into touch’ because we chose to present it as it was played, rather than fix things in production. The album has been remixed with the intent of giving an idea of the energy conveyed, rather than cleansing and polishing it. Where possible, we included songs that had not been out on previous live records. Meeting The Mexicans is perhaps a happy accident, and is a bit like an old bootleg, but this time we are exploiting ourselves. We hope you enjoy and listen to this CD in that spirit!”

Meeting The Mexicans is released as a limited edition CD here before being made available for streaming.

Check out their version of ‘Gimme Danger’.

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  • Frenchdude on

    It is a really good record ! Trust a French man who’s an hardcore fan for more than 35 years .. I got the Cd1 month ago from one of my friend who was at a Sunnyboys / Rifles show and I met the boys in Oz few times also an avid collector , must have all recordings except 1 E.P and 1 single , got But Jacques the fish etc ..Meeting the Mexicans is exactly as described by Kev the Elfe , the accoustic tracks are bright and you can sense the fun they had , as the electric tracks are pure rippers .. A must have for any Rifles fans ..

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