South Coast psych legends THE BEVIS FROND return with a brand new album next month and have just unveiled a track from it.

‘Lead On’ is taken from the brilliantly titled album We’re Your Friends, Man which is out on Friday 7 December through fire records.

They play a special launch for the album at Black Market VIP, Hastings on Saturday 8 December, with support from BRONCO BULLFROG. Tickets are on sale here.

We’re Your Friends, Man is available to pre-order on double-vinyl, CD and download here.

The Bevis Frond on Facebook



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JOHNNY THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS are to have their classic live album given the deluxe expanded vinyl format.

D.T.K. Live At The Speakeasy was recorded on 15 March 1977 at the notorious musicians’ hangout on Margaret Street in London’s West End. Fresh from recording their debut album L.A.M.F. for Track Records, the band’s two sets were recorded at the club with the the Maison Rouge mobile studio parked outside.

Initially released on Jungle in 1982, as a 10-track LP. A further five tracks were recovered to complete the whole two sets, and the whole lot were remixed for Down To Kill – Complete Live At The Speakeasy in 2009.

This new version comes on limited edition red-and-white vinyl, with a free CD and a sixteen-page booklet with notes by legendary journalist and Vive Le Rock contributor Kris Needs.

Set for release by Jungle on 23 November, Down To Kill – Complete Live At The Speakeasy is available to pre-order here.

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Ace French punks ZERO GAIN have their complete output compiled on a new CD anthology.

The quartet came together in the eastern-central city of Saint-Étienne in late 2013, having all done time in bands like Boxing Elena, Protex Blue, Spit and Perfect Cousins. They released their debut mini-LP Slow Thinking late the following year before contributing to a split LP alongside Torino from Lyon. This was followed by their first full album, Another Soundtrack To The Social War in March ’17.

The 24 track Modern Blues. The First Five Years compiles all the band’s recorded output, up to and including the Going Nowhere EP, released in April of this year.

Modern Blues. The First Five Years is available on CD from Nineteen Something Records. You can download 10 tracks FREE from Bandcamp.

Check out this clip of the band live.

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THE CRAVATS launch the latest in their series of classic single reissues with this rare archive clip premiered exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

The footage of the classic ‘I Hate The Universe’ was shot live at the legendary Zig Zag Club in London and had previously been lost for more than three decades.

Following the band’s recent resurgence with last year’s critically acclaimed LP Dustbin of Sound they are re-releasing limited editions of their classic Small Wonder singles on vinyl, as many missed them first time around and apart from paying silly money on eBay or Discogs it is a way of filling that ‘C’ section in your record collections with finery.

Limited to 500 copies, the band’s debut 1978 release ‘Gordon’ b/w ‘Situations Vacant’ was reissued last year and very few remain. It’s still available now from Overground Records or from any Cravats Live show.

Now, originally issued in June ’79, here comes ‘Burning Bridges’ b/w ‘The End’ and ‘I Hate The Universe’.

Produced by Bob Sargeant (a week after he produced The Fall’s Live At The Witch Trials in the same studio), it has been digitally remastered and, like ‘Gordon’, is encased in the same glorious sleeve artwork.

Attempting to make these re-releases look as close to the originals as possible has been a labour of love. Back then artwork was all: bits of cardboard, Letraset, scissors and a tube of glue, but thanks to modern, space-age technology you’ll get a near identical sleeve and spot-on label – in this instance Pete Stennett has kindly allowed the band to reproduce his legendary Small Wonder Record label. Each copy also comes with a handy insert featuring ‘Cravfacts’.

Remember, only 500 of these exist and then they’ve gone forever. It’s available now here or any Cravats gig.

The next release in the series, ‘Precinct’ will follow in a few months, so collect the set and drink plenty of water.


Below, Cravats frontman The Shend tells the story of the film clip…

As you can imagine The Cravats were somewhat thrilled to be asked to support The Birthday Party and UT at The Zigzag Club in London on 8 May 1982.

In the days before iPhones and even camcorders (first available to the general public in 1983), getting anything filmed involved good old celluloid and luckily that day, Simon Towle was on the guestlist clutching his trusty Super 8 cine camera which incredibly had sound.

He filmed all of ‘I Hate The Universe’ which, seeing as the reels of film only lasted a few minutes, was a feat in itself, and recorded the audio with the camera’s built in microphone.

A couple of months later we all gathered at Gordon’s flat (Gordon Winter was the lead singer of Small Wonder stablemates The English Subtitles and also the marvellously manic chair-wielding Mr H on stage with us in this film) in Rupert Court, Soho and watched the unedited masterpiece projected on a wall. That was the last time anyone saw it . . . for decades!

We sadly lost touch with Simon and the film became a dim memory but it was the only known footage of The Cravats and every now and then I’d try to track down Simon and this Holy Grail of Cravatian artefacts. I searched social media and googled Simon but the trail was always cold. Not knowing how to correctly spell his surname didn’t help.

Then in 2017 I befriended English Subtitles’ guitarist Louis who now lived in Hamburg on Farcebook and asked him if he knew of Simon’s whereabouts. It turned out Simon had moved to New Zealand many years ago and thanks to Mark Zuckerberg’s networking behemoth I got in touch, but although he remembered making the film he was unsure whether it still existed.

Bah, Inspector Morse never had this much trouble detectiving.

Then, a message from Simon in early 2018 finally cracked the case. While clearing the loft he’d found the film in, er, a case.

Hoorah! I exclaimed, and using Google Street View, Simon found a suitable celluloid conversion emporium in a town some miles from his home.

Once converted to digital it was sent through the howling ether of outer space to Shend Towers and passed to lovely chum and Emperor of digital imagery, the mighty Mark Richards for editing into the gem you see here.

Okay, it hasn’t the audio clarity or visual splendour of a cinematic classic such as say, Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines, but it’s really, really flipping old, was recorded on equipment with less pixels than a badger and has travelled the globe stuffed in a suitcase with some net curtains and 52 vintage copies of Practical Wireless Magazine.

Thirty-six years in the making and with massive thanks to Simon Towle, Mark Richards and all who helped along the way, we can finally present the legendary celluloid extravaganza that is, ‘I Hate The Universe’.

The Shend

The Cravats on Facebook

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Fast rising Cornish psych-rockers HANTERHIR today premiere a new video with Vive Le Rock!

The track ‘Hope Comes With Love’ is the third single to be released from their widely acclaimed triple-album The Saving Of Cadan which is out now through Easy Action.

Formed in Redruth in 2007, the band have developed their sound in isolation from the mainstream, drawing on a diverse set of influences including the Psychedelic Furs, Echo & The Bunnymen, Sonic Youth and Hawkwind, whose onetime sax-player Nik Turner has been known to perform with the band on occasion.

You can catch Hanterhir on the following dates….

20 Oct Charlie’s Bar, Redruth
21 Oct The Sussex Arms, Tunbridge Wells
22 Oct The Victoria, Dalston, London (w/Brainiac 5) tickets
23 Oct The Railway Hotel, Southend-on-Sea

Read a new interview with Hanterhir in our sister magazine Louder Than War out now!

Hanterhir on Facebook


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Cornish garage types THE VELVET HANDS have just unveiled a video for the latest single off their debut album.

‘Everyone Is Dead’ is a raucous lament to those who left us during that fateful year of 2016 – Bowie, Prince, George Michael… but also a celebration of life itself. We only get one chance, so make the most of it. We think this storming track’s not a million miles from another legendary departed rocker, but imitation’s the sincerest form of flattery, right?

The band play dates this week as part of Red Stripe’s This Feeling tour. Catch them on the road at…

Oct 5th – The Engine Shed – Lincoln
Oct 6th – WaterRats – London
Oct 11th – The Venue – Derby
Oct 12th – The Electric Church – Blackburn
Oct 13th – Lending Room – Leeds

Their debut album Party’s Over is available now on CD and vinyl on Zen Ten Records through Easy Action and digitally through all the usual download stores.

The Velvet Hands on Facebook

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Yorkshire glam iconoclasts BE BOP DELUXE are to have their classic album Sunburst Finish reissued as a deluxe box set.

Formed in Wakefield, West Yorkshire in 1972 by guitarist Bill Nelson, Be Bop Deluxe melded glam imagery with pop melodies and proggy instrumentalism, releasing five studio albums and one live album for the Harvest label.

Recorded at Abbey Road and produced by Nelson with John Leckie, Sunburst Finish was released in February ’76, the band’s first album to reach the Top 20 of the album chart and yielding their only hit single, ‘Ships In The Night’, which reached number 23.

With the musical seachange of that period, the band hit a commercial breakthrough, chiming with the futuristic new wave scene building around the likes of Ultravox! and Magazine.  Ever an eye on the future, Nelson would split Be Bop Deluxe in ’78, with forming the more obviously new wave Red Noise with keyboardist Andy Clark.

Remastered from the original tapes, the new 4-disc Sunburst Finish box set from Cherry Red features the original mix of the album, a new 2018 mix, BBC live recordings and Peel Session tracks, a DVD containing a 5.1 surround sound mix and video material from The Old Great Whistle Test and the previously unissued video for ‘Ships In The Night’.

The set comes complete with a 68-page booklet with a new essay by Nelson, a facsimile ’76 tour programme, postcards and a replica poster.

Set for release on 16 November, the box set is available to pre-order here.

Be Bop Deluxe on Facebook

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Paul Weller has said a million times in a million interviews that he will never reform The Jam. Their legendary back catalogue gloriously lives on in the shape of original Jam bassist Bruce Foxton’s FROM THE JAM. His main partner in crime is the singer and guitarist Russell Hastings who he’s been working with since Russell joined Foxton and (original Jam drummer) Rick Buckler in The Gift back in 2006. Russell also co-wrote and performed on Bruce’s solo albums Back In The Room and 2016’s Smash The Clock. In December 2017 FTJ released a live album (via Pledge Music) titled From The Jam Live in an effort to capture the celebratory atmosphere that naturally arises when the band perform live. Vive Le Rock‘s Guy Shankland caught up with Bruce and Russell backstage at the sold-out Rewind Festival in Henley-On-Thames. The band have just delivered a very short, jam-packed (sorry) set of hit after hit after hit to a bleary-eyed but enthusiastic early afternoon crowd.


This is the band’s fourth Rewind appearance, so how do they find these retro type festivals? “They’re just great,” explains Russell. “Everyone’s so friendly.” Bruce continues: “All the performers have really got their act together and are, dare I say it, probably grateful for another bite of the cherry. From our perspective, there’s a great vibe backstage. There’s no prima donna’s, everybody’s just wishing each other all the best and they [the festivals] pull big crowds.”

Indeed they do, this year’s Rewind is pretty much sold out and that equates to almost twenty thousand punters a day.

“Yeah we’ve done a few which were forty thousand, we know they’re not all here for From The Jam but overall this is proper stuff, proper gigs.” Russell continues: “We do notice when playing these festivals that the ticket sales for the winter tours spike, they go up a lot, these [festivals] are great platforms for us, good live exposure. The promoters always tell us when the spikes are happening in sales and as Bruce says we know that these aren’t our fans, they wouldn’t necessarily pay just to come and see us, so it really works.”

The band are allotted just twenty-five minutes today so how do the band choose the setlist or does it choose itself? Bruce cuts in laughing, “They’re thinking of my age, he’ll be good for twenty-five! my heart!”

“The setlist picks itself really,” Russell continues. “You’d be a mug not to throw in all the cherries and there’s a lot of cherries. The band had so many hits that everyone identifies with, how many bands out there have that many hits under their belt that they have to cut some number ones out.”

Bruce elucidates further: “It sounds like we’re blowing our own trumpet but it’s hard when you only have twenty-five minutes and you only play six or seven songs and you try to fit all the hits in. We are very fortunate, it’s a great catalogue of stuff. When your doing this kind of festival people expect it [the hits]. There’s no point in going on and saying we’re playing an upcoming album, what kind of reaction are you going to get?”

Russell has been with the band for over a decade so what’s been his FTJ highlight? “Aw man, it’s been a journey! One is my friendship with Bruce because he’s a dear friend to me so that comes first.[In the background Bruce just says “Likewise”] “That makes the whole experience. I remember being on Bondi Beach with Bruce, flying into L.A and being in New York with Rick and Bruce, trying to go up Sears tower in Chicago. It’s not just different countries but playing Newcastle Academy and The Glasgow Barrowlands, playing the iconic venues and seeing people so caught up in the music. I mean, what a delightful thing to do, to be part of something where everybody’s just in a great fucking mood.”

When the band play it feels like a celebration.

“That’s right, they celebrate it, it’s a great thing that unity. It’s such a lovely experience doing it.”

With the PR giving me the ‘One Minute’ sign, we go the last question. The years between 1976-1980 gave us such a rich vein of songwriting and bands. We had Punk, 2-Tone, The Jam and New Wave. They are still celebrated to this day, why do you think that is? Bruce nails the question with a quick as a flash one-word answer – “Quality” – before adding, “I sound like the old man now, ‘There’s a tune there, there’s a lyric!’ It’s the quality of the songs.”

Forty years (from 1978) on are we back in the same place socially? “In a lot of ways,” Bruce says before Russell steps in. “I’m not going to jump on any bandwagon I’ll just tell it how I feel it is and its a load of fucking shit at the moment. I’m also really disappointed [with the music industry], I think that iTunes and the big conglomerates are destroying…[pauses]. If you try to get a record advance now they just fucking laugh at you. You can’t get one, you can’t even get expenses for the train. They want a produced album laid on the table, they just want the final cut then and there.” And that’s a wrap as the smiling and incredibly polite duo head off to musically educate another British Festival.

From The Jam continue to record new material, tour the world and delight fans from Henley to Hanoi. It’s those songs, those cutting Weller lyrics, the angry but pinpoint controlled guitar sound and opening bass lines that are greeted like returning war heroes. I finally put the idea of FTJ playing The Rebellion Festival to Bruce and Russell both seemed interested but then with that arsenal of songs in their Levi back pockets they could play any festival, anywhere on the globe and win the crowd over. The sadly prophetic “They smelt of pubs and Wormwood Scrubs and too many right-wing meetings,” Weller words are as relevant now as they were in 1978. What they have said will always remain.

Guy Shankland

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Brighton punks THE BAR STOOL PREACHERS have a bunch of UK dates lined up in support of their acclaimed new album Grazie Governo.

The fast-rising six-piece have just been added to the bill for THE INTERRUPTERS’ US dates in November alongside BEDOUIN SOUNDCLASH.

Before then, though, there’s a small matter of eight dates in the UK and Ireland, kicking off with the Might As Well Than 4 alldayer in London, alongside The Capitalist Kids, Thousand Oaks, Aerial Salad, The Capital, To The Wall, Eat Dirt, Laserchrist and Tom Aylott. Full dates are…

20 Oct LONDON – Might As Well Then 4 @ New Cross Inn, UK
26 Oct HASTINGS – Crowley’s Bar, UK
27 Oct KINGSTON UPON THAMES – The Fighting Cocks, UK
31 Oct MANCHESTER – Star And Garter, UK
1 Nov DUBLIN – The Bowery, Ireland
2 Nov BELFAST – The Palm House, UK
3 Nov LIVERPOOL – MacGuires, UK
4 Nov STAFFORD – Redrum, UK

9 Nov LAS VEGAS, NV – Vinyl
10 Nov TEMPE, AZ – Tempe Marketplace
11 Nov POMONA, CA – The Glass House
13 Nov SANTA BARBARA, CA – Velvet Jones
14 Nov FRESNO, CA – Strummers
17 Nov  SACRAMENTO, CA – Ace Of Spades

FREE Bar Stool Preachers flexi with the new edition of Vive Le Rock! out now!

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Eighties punk-metal power trio WARFARE are to have their early albums reissued.

The band, who came together on Tyneside at the arse end of the NWOBHM scene, were formed by singing drummer Paul ‘Evo’ Evans, who’d done time with THE BLOOD, MAJOR ACCIDENT and ANGELIC UPSTARTS, together with guitarist Gunner and bassist Falken.

Primitive exponensts of early thrash, they attracted attention with their 12″ cover of FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD’s ‘Two Tribes’, on legendary North East metal label Neat Records. Their debut album Pure Filth, released in ’84, was produced by SAINTS and TANK bassist Algy Ward, and featured a collaboration with VENOM, while the follow-up Metal Anarchy was produced by Lemmy. More recently, the band rerecorded early tracks with former PENETRATION guitarist Fred Purser in the producer’s chair.

The band’s first four albums – Pure Filth (with 5 bonus tracks), Metal Anarchy, Mayhen Fuckin’ Mayhem (produced by Venom’s Cronos) and A Conflict Of Hatred – are set for reissue on CD by Dissonance on 28 September. They’re available to pre-order here.

Check out the video for ‘Metal Anarchy’.

Warfare on Facebook

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As promised, Essex legends EDDIE & THE HOT RODS close the door on 40-plus years of touring with a very special show in London next spring.

Billed as ‘Done Everything We Wanna Do’ and co-promoted by Vive Le Rock with Black Wax, the band will take to the stage at the O2 Academy, Islington on Saturday 13 April.

The gig promises appearances from Hot Rods past and present along with some very special guests.

Tickets, including VIP packages granting, among other treats, admission to the aftershow party, are available here.

To prepare you for the event, Eddie And The Hot Rods – The Island Years is a 6-CD box set bringing together the band’s first three albums – Teenage Depression, Life On The Line and Thriller and a wealth of bonus material. Highlights include numerous BBC recordings including three Peel sessions and an In Concert performance, their collaboration with MC5 frontman Rob Tyner and a rare fan-club only 12-track album, originally pressed in a limited edition of 100 and available here for the first time on CD.

All brought together with a 28-page booklet, Eddie And The Hot Rods – The Island Years is released on 14 September.

In the meantime, the band continue to tour up to the end of the year. Full dates are on their website.

Eddie & The Hot Rods on Facebook

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Sobered up from Rebellion yet?  Then have a read of Paula Frost’s report and relive all those sunny Blackpool memories….

This year the Vive Le Rock! crew made our way up to Blackpool for a long weekend of punk rock at the Winter Gardens! The festival has been running for 22 years and this year featured 350 bands across 4 days and 7 stages. Needless to say it’s the biggest event in the punk rock calendar year on year and one we look forward to.

Every day Max Splodge, the singer of ‘Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps’ kicks the Rebellion day off with his comedy bingo show. You won’t want to win one of his prizes, I’ve seen him give out a bag of out-of-date Bad Manners flyers.

Thursday kicked off with some Vive Le Rock! flyering outside the venue. Frontman Djamel from The Blue Carpet Band took a break from his usual role of playing Cramps style rock’n’roll and was recruited as part of our street team! We swerved through the busy crowds of punks enjoying another hot summer’s day and spoke to everyone we could, making sure they knew about Vive Le Rock, the only punk magazine in the UK. It was a great way of getting to know more of the punk family.

Backstage we bumped into Lynda and Coppo, two infamous punks who’d been on the scene since ’77 and knew all the bands (Coppo has most of them tattooed on his back!). Then someone called my name, it was John, the drummer of IDLES! They were playing the Empress Ballroom later and the rest of the band came over for a quick chat, including the big bushy bearded bassist known for his dancing in the ‘Stendhal Syndrome’ video.

It was time to venture further into the Winter Gardens, on the way I caught up with Jenna Talia of Glitter Trash, then met the controversial Soap Girls who had their boobs out as usual. There were tons of punks I hadn’t seen in years and it was great to link up with everyone again. We caught Call Me Malcolm on the introducing stage and then The Bar Stool Preachers hijacked me and lead singer T.J. McFaull took me to see one of his favourite bands The Menzingers. Steve Ignorant’s Slice of Life played the introducing stage. His acoustic crew of seated musicians drew a big crowd of singalong punks to the Opera House. Accompanied by Carol Hodge on piano, Ignorant performed a theatrical set dressed in a smart suit and braces with a trilby. Their moving performances of songs like ‘The Way Things Are’ and ‘Slice of Life’ brought some punks to tears.

IDLES played at 20:55 and sheered through ‘Mother’, ‘Well Done’ and ‘Stendhal Syndrome’ plus their new pro-love pro-immigration anthem ‘Danny Nedelko’ during their fifty-minute set. Frontman Joe climbed all over the stage and got into the audience whilst the rest of the band rolled around thrashing guitars in a frenzied intoxicating performance.

Later that night legendary punks the Buzzcocks headlined the Empress Ballroom and instilled that mystic feeling of revolution in a chandeliered, elegant room filled with punk rockers losing their minds. It was the flawless beginning to a weekend of anarchy and protest music.

There are too many other incredible moments to recount but you can read all about Rebellion 2018 in full in the new edition of Vive Le Rock!, on sale now.

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THE MISSION guitarist SIMON HINKLER releases a new solo EP next month.

Simon’s musical career began with Sheffield post-punks ARTERY before he split to join the nascent PULP, playing on and co-writing the band’s 1983 debut album It. Having rejoined Artery he was recruited in 1985 to the newly formed Mission by SISTERS OF MERCY escapees Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams.

Leaving after five years, he began developing his solo career as well as the band MINDFEEL, before moving to the desert of New Mexico for 13 years. It’s tracks from this period that form the basis of the EP Moving On.

“Every time I come back to making music I’m reminded why I started doing it in the first place,” he says. “This EP has been a long time coming but I’m very pleased with the way it’s turned out.”

The 5-track Moving On EP is set for release on 7 September through Correctitude Records. It’s available to pre-order here.

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New York punk iconoclasts TELEVISION are to have their landmark debut album given the deluxe vinyl reissue treatment for the first time ever.

Released on Elektra Records in February 1977, Marquee Moon really moved the goalposts on the still juvenile punk rock pitch, with its complex song structures – including the 10-minute title track – and prog-like guitar interplay. For the linchpins of the nascent NYC punk scene coalescing around CBGB’s, this was a real left-turn, underscoring the rulebook-shredding anything-is-possible ethos of the era; much talked about, yet still, in reality seldom seen.

This new deluxe double blue vinyl set, features the eight original tracks, plus five additional tracks originally released on the 2003 CD reissue, (some making their vinyl debut here), including alternate takes of ‘See No Evil’, ‘Friction’ and ‘Marquee Moon’, the full-length version of their classic non-album debut single ‘Little Johnny Jewel’, and an instrumental track.

The full tracklisting is…

Side one:

‘See No Evil’



‘Marquee Moon’

Side two:


‘Guiding Light’

‘Prove It’

‘Torn Curtain’

Side three:

‘Little Johnny Jewel’ (Parts 1 & 2)

‘See No Evil’ (Alternate Version)

‘Friction’ (Alternate Version)

Side four:

‘Marquee Moon’ (Alternate Version)

‘Untitled’ (Instrumental)


The deluxe vinyl Marquee Moon will be available through Rhino on 2 October.


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Santa Monica powerpoppers THE TEARAWAYS are in the UK for a run of dates next week.

Although pretty much unknown in the UK, the band have been going since 1980, building a loyal following up and down the West Coast. For the past couple of years they’ve had BLONDIE drummer Clem Burke in the line-up and he’ll be joining them for their UK dates.

Catch them at…

August 14 – PJ Molloy’s, Dunfermline
August 15 – King Tut’s, Glasgow
August 16 – Rock City, Nottingham
August 17 – Nell’s Jazz & Blues Club, London (w/ Last Great Dreamers)
August 19 – The Thunderbolt, Bristol
August 20 – The Horns, St. Albans

The Tearaways on Facebook

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Cali crossover legends SUICIDAL TENDENCIES are back next month with a brand new album.

STill Cyco Punk After All These Years is a reworking of an album originally recorded by ST frontman Mike Muir back in 1995, released under the name Cyco Miko and featuring Sex Pistol Steve Jones.

“Although the 13 years I was in Suicidal at the time, I did things I never dreamed I’d have the chance to, or could happen, there were still way too many times that were extremely difficult to handle”, explains Mike. “Basically, ‘Love Music, don’t Like the other stuff’. Anyhow, remembering that original love for music made me want to do a Punk STyle record and at the time I didn’t feel it was, could or should be an ST album.”

Now STill Cyco Punk After All These Years re-imagines those songs, newly recorded with legendary former SLAYER drummer Dave Lombardo behind the kit.

“I felt it not only could be, but it should be an ST album,” continues Muir. “Not retro, but taking it 25 years forward and make it a modern Cyco Punk record. Extremely dangerous after so many years, but damn, I love these songs and I feel them so much. Perhaps surprisingly more now than when I was 30.”

STill Cyco Punk After All These Years is set for release on 7 September through the band’s own Suicidal imprint, but it’s available to pre-order here.

Check out the track FUBAR

Suicidal Tendencies on Facebook

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Rising London rockers THE KUT have unveiled a ne video ahead of a string of summer tour dates.

‘Hollywood Rock’n’Roll’ is taken from the trio’s debut album Valley Of Thorns which is out now through Cargo.

The Kut play Rebellion, Blackpool tonight (Thursday) then head off round the country, winding up at The Islington, London on 19 August. Full dates are…

18/08 CLUB 85 – HITCHIN

The Kut on Facebook

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