Having just knocked Glastonbury on its arse, SLEAFORD MODS unveil a new video for the track ‘Tarantula Deadly Cargo’ from their new album Key Markets.

Shot by Simon Parfrement who did ‘Tied Up In Nottz’, Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson says the video “is typical in his choice of locations which relate to the cheap frills production of ‘Tarantula Deadly Cargo’, the cold hard hand rails at the foot of the beach in the seaside town. This alienating environment rejects any time for comfort much like touring. It’s a 99 flake in a knackered bus shelter.“

Out on 10 July through Harbinger Sound, you can order Key Markets through iTunes or on vinyl from Cargo Records.

key markets

Sleaford Mods recently announced their biggest tour to date. They play…


23rd Manchester, Ritz
24th Carlisle, Brickyard
25th Newcastle, Northumbria Uni
28th Leeds, Irish Centre
29th Birmingham, Institute

1st Cardiff, Y Plas
2nd London, Forum
4th Bristol, Bierkeller
5th Bournemouth, Fire Station
6th Brighton, The Old Market
8th Cambridge, Junction
9th Nottingham, Rock City

You can read an interview with Sleaford Mods in the current edition of Vive Le Rock.


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East Midlands rockers SWAMP DELTA, featuring the combined talents of members of 80s grebo legends CRAZYHEAD and GAYE BYKERS ON ACID, have a new single, a new video and a handful of dates to wet the baby’s head.

‘Sick Liver Blues’ is out now and you can download it here.

You can also check out a Radical Dubstep Remix by Tony Byker here.

Marking a return to greasy garage rock’n’roll in opposition to the fey indieness of the mid-80s, Crazyhead and Gaye Bykers led the grebo pack, releasing classic singles ‘What Gives You The Idea That You’re So Amazing Baby’ and ‘Everythang’s Groovy’ before signing to majors and narrowly grazing the charts. Crazyhead’s Screaming Delta Anderson, Rob Vomit and The Porkbeast now team up with Gaye Bykers’ Robber Byker in Swamp Delta, alongside Blink Cyclone and Saxy Sue.

You can sample them in the flesh at….

27 June                 The Boars Head, Kidderminster

17 July                   Islington Academy, London

25 July                   Simon Says Festival, Leicester

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Pittsburgh punks ANTI-FLAG have announced six UK dates for Autumn, following their London appearance for the VANS WARPED TOUR on 18 October.

The band previously already has a handful of UK dates lined up in August, including a REBELLION show. They released their new album American Spring – featuring special guests Tom Morello of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and Tim Armstrong of RANCID – last month through Spinefarm.

Full UK dates are….

2 Aug – London The Old Blue Last (am and pm shows)

6 Aug – Blackpool Rebellion

8 Aug – London Brooklyn Bowl (double-header with LESS THAN JAKE)

9 Aug – Bristol Marble Factory

18 Oct – London Vans Warped Tour

20 Oct – Nottingham Rescue Rooms

21 Oct – Birmingham The Institute

22 Oct – Sheffield Corporation

23 Oct – Newcastle Riverside

24 Oct – Glasgow Classic Grand

25 Oct – Manchester Sound Control

The 20-25 October dates feature support from RED CITY RADIO, TROPHY EYES and THE HOMELESS GOSPEL CHOIR.

Go here for tickets.

Check out the video for the song ‘Brandenburg Gate’, featuring Tim Armstrong.

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East London art-punks LARK release a new album, their fifth, next month. Funny Man will be available on vinyl, CD and download from 10 July via Standard Lamp Records.

The musical vehicle of artist KARL BIELIK, Lark recorded the fourteen songs on Funny Man at Terrace Studios in Hackney and features contributions from Ian McKean (20 Flight Rockers and Balaam & The Angel) and Julian Marszalek (The November Five).

Funny Man is preceded by a FREE download single, a cover of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Closing Time’ not featured on the album but available from their Bandcamp.

Check out the video teaser for ‘Closing Time’.

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Sheffield band THE PAYROLL UNION have announced the release of their long-awaited second album, along with two hometown shows, including a performance at the city’s Tramlines Festival.

Hotly tipped as the UK’s answer to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, the quartet issue Paris Of America through their own Backwater Collective label on Monday 29 June.

They’ll be playing a special album launch on Saturday 27 June at Sheffield’s Club 60 – tickets. They then play Tramlines on Saturday 25 July. A London show will follow in September.


Focusing on the dark underbelly of American history, the eight songs on Paris Of America explore the violence of the ‘riot era’ of 19th Century Philadelphia, and are a collaboration between songwriter Pete David and the History Department of the University of Sheffield.

You can pre-order the album here. Check out the video for the single ‘The Mission Field’.

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Gearing up to promote his new Command Performance album over a series of UK dates, TAV FALCO shares some thoughts with us on his relationship with Alex Chilton and the formative stage of Panther Burns:

“When Alex and I started to make music, I turned him on to something he’d really never considered, which was blues. It was around in Memphis, but you know, the sort of music can be around you, you’re just not particularly drawn to it; it’s not that Alex didn’t like it, he just hadn’t been drawn to it for any particular reason. And also some of the avant-garde music I was listening to, he got into that and he got into the video tapes we were making, that was another thing that drew him into our interest in the blues. And then Alex turned me onto rock’n’roll. Prior to that I never thought about playing rock’n’roll, I’d wanted to learn a little blues guitar, but didn’t think about doing much with it, I’d done a little bit with blues artists in Memphis, in a folkloristic kind of way, and I’d also studied folklore. And was very much into John Fahey… and the folklore work of John Lomax, and his research and books. John was the real theoretician in Harvard on folklore. Anyway, Alex showed me some simple things in rock’n’roll, I never thought I could play rock’n’roll, to me that required a real musician. For me, blues, you didn’t have to be a musician. You didn’t have to be a musician that knew how to read music or a chord chart, you didn’t have to be a trade musician, is what I’m trying to say. You could do beautiful things. I tried to teach myself music notation, I tried to read it, learn it, I couldn’t do it on my own. And I never got in the position to study music. So when Alex started to turn me onto rock’n’roll, he didn’t read music either, at that time. And Frank Sinatra only knew the intervals, like a lot of jazz people. So I tried to make a couple more stabs at it once Panther Burns started. And thought, well this is gonna hang me up, I wanna play music intuitively and I know I’m gonna be limited in what I can do, but it’s gonna be my work and it’s gonna be more a stamp of who I am. So that’s what I did in Panther Burns, I have had the privilege to work with some trained musicians, and that’s also part of the explosive nature of some of our work. Because, it’s like Marshall McLuhan said, if you get two clichés and you rub ‘em together, you get an explosion. Take a trained musician and you take a musician who is untrained, a musician who plays intuitively, you get something you do not get otherwise, whether all-intuitive aboriginals, or all trained musicians working together.

“So to further that on the first album, Behind The Magnolia Curtain, we had developed musicians in the group; we had Alex, we had Jim Duckworth the jazz player, we had Ron Miller on avant garde jazz bass, a symphony player who knows music very well and studied with some great jazz artists, who knew Pharoah Sanders and all those people. We had them on the sessions and we brought in the Mississippi Fife and Drum Corps, only the drummers, that was Jessie Mae Hemphill on marching snare drum, and she came from a musical family, her father Sid Hemphill was a blues artist in the area. Later she became known as the She Wolf, on guitar, she played drums on that record with two marching snares and one bass drum, and this music has more African retentions than any American music.”

Tav Falco and Panther Burns play Stroud UK Goods Shed Artspace on Tues 9th, Cardiff Moon on Weds 10th, Manchester Ruby Lounge on Thurs 11th, London Oslo on Fri 12th, Edinburgh Mash House Sat 13th, Glasgow Poetry Club on Sun 14th and Middlesborough Westgarth Social on Mon 15th. See the current issue for further conversation with Tav.

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Much-loved Sunderland punks LEATHERFACE are celebrated with a new box-set from Fire Records, compiling their three albums for the label’s Roughneck imprint.

Following on from the release of their debut album in 1989, Razor Blades And Aspirin 1990-1993 features the subsequent albums Fill Your Boots, Minx and the stonecold punk classic Mush, plus a wealth of bonus material, including tracks from EPs released during this period. Completely remastered, the set is completed with extensive liner notes and interviews.

Listen to ‘I Want the Moon’.

Known for the distinctive gravelly voice and thoughtful, emotive songwriting of inimitable frontman Frankie Stubbs, Leatherface took the influence of Hüsker Dü and ran with it, becoming themselves an influence on a new generation of bands, including Hot Water Music and Dillinger Four. Although they initially split in 1994, with Stubbs going on to the bands Jesse and Pope and a solo career, he and guitarist Dickie Hammond have since reformed the band. Gigging sporadically, their most recent album was 2010’s The Stormy Petrel on Big Ugly Fish.

Razor Blades And Aspirin is out on 10 July but you can pre-order it here.

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MANIC STREET PREACHERS opened their The Holy Bible 20th Anniversary tour in Edinburgh last Saturday. Vive Le Rock’s Andrew Welsh was on the scene…

MANIC STREET PREACHERS / Usher Hall, Edinburgh

Few bands have enjoyed a relevance over the past quarter century like Manic Street Preachers.
Plenty have been around for at least as long and similarly prolific, like Killing Joke and Therapy?, but have long since ceased to puncture the public consciousness beyond a fervent, if limited, fanbase despite producing consistently excellent material. Then there are your Blue Nile types, those who pop up fleetingly with a new album every seven or eight years, take the critical plaudits and vanish again.

With 12 studio albums and the equivalent of at least another half dozen in assorted B-sides and rareties behind them since 1990, Manic Street Preachers have never been afraid of failure. Last year’s Futurology was a bold step into the realm of Krautrock, but surely their biggest gamble was 1994’s dark masterpiece The Holy Bible, a searing diatribe that covered subject matter such as anorexia, prostitution, the Holocaust, capital punishment and suicide with brutal honesty. Its principal lyric architect Richey Edwards went into meltdown post-Holy Bible and disappeared aged 27 in 1995, with his fate still unknown.

It is precisely because his childhood friends James Dean Bradfield, Nicky Wire and Sean Moore subsequently went on to greater success that seeing them reconnect with Edwards’ uncompromising youthful lyrics in their mid-40s has an emotional significance for the band’s fans. The industrial rock opener ‘Yes’ set the tone at the Usher Hall, with the bouncing massed ranks firing back every word to the Welsh trio in their forces-style garb, the stage similarly bedecked in camouflage netting a la the band’s original Holy Bible tour 21 years ago.

Shafts of humour amid a set made up of such compellingly bleak material were inevitably few, but the chorus of pantomime boos that greeted mention of Margaret Thatcher in the haunting sample that pressaged the militaristic stomp of ‘Ifwhiteamerica…’ raised a smile from Bradfield. The rugged frontman clearly relishes the challenge of reproducing his astonishing guitar-and-vocals performance on the album, and in a century-old venue noted for faithful recitals the intricacies of such visceral tracks as ‘Archives Of Pain’, ‘Mausoleum’ and ‘Faster’ rightly came across as the technical achievements that they are.

The second half of the show was an enjoyable selection from the Manics’ bulky back catalogue. Bradfield went solo on a heartfelt acoustic rendition of ‘The Everlasting’, “something a little more touchy-feely” as he understatedly put it following the first hour’s confrontational content. By contrast, the Guns’n’Roses-like anthem ‘Condemned To Rock’n’Roll’ was a flashback to the original Generation Terrorists, all slogans and spraypaint, with Wire saying the song had never been played live by the four-piece because he and Edwards had been unable to learn it.

Futurology‘s ‘Walk Me To The Bridge’ stood up well beside MSP classics ‘Motorcycle Emptiness’ and ‘You Stole The Sun From My Heart’, while the leviathans ‘If You Tolerate This’ and ‘A Design For Life’ were delivered with feeling and intensity.

As the 20th anniversary of 1996’s Everything Must Go album approaches, speculation is rife that they might be about to embark on another themed tour next year. With the throng at Usher Hall made up of feather boa and mascara-wearing veterans and 20-somethings alike, all keen to grab a slice of thrilling ’90s celebration, there appears to be no shortage of demand. Certainly, if the trio handle their commercial breakthrough LP with the same reverence and total commitment as they showed to The Holy Bible then a must-see experience lies in prospect.

Andrew Welsh

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Revered Lincolnshire punks ENGLISH DOGS will be playing three shows with Bay Area thrashers Exodus at the end of June.

The Dogs, who along with Discharge and GBH are widely considered to be progenitors of thrash, join Exodus at The Underworld, London on 23 / 24 June and Academy 3, Manchester on 25 June.

They’ll be playing their own headline shows in October and November (see below) with more to be added.

Originally formed in Grantham in 1981, the current line-up – not to be confused with the other English Dogs, fronted by original singer Wakey – came together in 2012 featuring original drummer Pinch, vocalist Adie Bailey and guitarist Gizz Butt (Destructors, Prodigy), plus Californian tattooist twins Craig and Ryan Christy. Their current album The Thing With Two Heads was released last year on Candlelight Records.

June 23rd London Underworld (with Exodus)

June 24th London Underworld (with Exodus)

June 25th Manchester Academy 3 (with Exodus)

October 23rd Dublin Fibber Magees

October 24th Belfast Voodoo

November 13th Norwich Brickmakers B2

November 14th Wakefield Players Bar


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Welsh glam punk rock’n’rollers THE SICK LIVERS launch pre-orders for their second album on Monday 1 June.

Mid Liver Crisis was recorded at Le Pub in Newport and features a guest appearance from Andy Cairns on Therapy?

They recently unveiled a new track ‘Dark, Dangerous & Delicious’ which none other than the UK Subs’ Charlie Harper reckoned was “the best song Hanoi Rocks never wrote”! Listen to it here.

A range of pre-order packages, featuring vinyl, CDs, cassettes, t-shirts, etc will be available from the band’s website.

Mid Liver Crisis is due for release through Glunk Records in the UK in August.

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Essex legends EDDIE & THE HOT RODS celebrate their 40th Anniversary next month with two very special shows. The band will be reuniting their classic ’77 line-up of Barrie Masters, Graeme Douglas, Paul Gray and Steve Nicol for the gigs. Current Hot Rods guitarist Richard Holgarth will be filling the role of original member Dave Higgs, who sadly died in 2013.

They play The Square in Harlow, Essex on Thursday 18 June – tickets, and the 229 Club in London on Friday 19 June – tickets.

Eddie & The Hot Rods followed fellow Canvey Islanders Dr Feelgood onto the Pub Rock circuit before their ferocious live shows brought them to the attention of punk, performing a legendary show at London’s Marquee supported by the Sex Pistols.

Releasing their half-live debut album Teenage Depression in ’76, they hit the Top 10 with the classic single ‘Do Anything You Wanna Do’ the following year, teaming up with the MC5’s Rob Tyner for a one-off single soon after. Gray and Nicol briefly backed Johnny Thunders before Gray joined The Damned for The Black Album.

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Original DIY punks THE DOOR AND THE WINDOW have their 1980 second album Detailed Twang reissued by Overground next week on limited edition 12-inch vinyl.

Formed in early ’79, the band had the luxury of sharing NME Single Of The Week status with Ian Dury’s ‘(Hit Me With Your) Rhythm Stick’, while their line-up included both Grant Showbiz and Mark Perry, at that time disillusioned by the constraints and expectations of Alternative TV.

Having published a fanzine Common Knowledge promoting DIY record production, the band became widely respected and shared bills with The Pop Group, Scritti Politti, The Raincoats, Delta Five and Swell Maps.

The release – limited to 500 copies – replicates the original LP, with the addition of a full biography with rare pics.

Listen to their cover of compadres Television Personalities’ ‘Part-Time Punks’ from the album.


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Young punks SLAVES issue their debut album next week through Virgin EMI. Are You Satisfied? features thirteen tracks including the singles ‘Hey’, ‘The Hunter’ and ‘Feed The Mantaray’.

The Tunbridge Wells duo of Laurie Vincent and Isaac Holman can be seen at various festivals throughout the summer – including T In The Park, Reading / Leeds and Bestival – before playing a full headline tour in November  (dates below).

You can check out the video for ‘Feed The Mantaray’ here.

14 NOV  
Anson RoomsBristol, GB
View Tickets
15  NOV  
View Tickets
16  NOV  
Portsmouth PyramidsPortsmouth, GB
View Tickets
18  NOV  
WaterfrontNorwich, GB
View Tickets
19  NOV  
O2 ABCGlasgow, GB
View Tickets
20 NOV  
Newcastle UniversityNewcastle Upon Tyne, GB
View Tickets
 21 NOV  
The RitzManchester, GB
View Tickets

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Pittsburgh punks ANTI-FLAG return with their tenth album next week. American Spring is their first for new label Spinefarm.

The band have also launched a brand new video for the track ‘Brandenburg Gate’. Both video and song feature an appearance from Tim Armstrong of RANCID.

“A culture indoctrinated with violence will see and fear violence even when there is none. Activism is not a competition. Art doesn’t have to be safe. Revolution doesn’t have to be bloody. Change comes from people, not politicians,” they say. You can check out the video here.

Anti-Flag will be in the UK for a bunch of shows in August, including a set at Rebellion and a double header with LESS THAN JAKE at Brooklyn Bowl in London.

2 August     London @ The Old Blue Last (am and pm shows)

6 August     Blackpool @ Rebellion Festival

8 August     London @ Brooklyn Bowl – PUNKS AND PINS

9 August     Bristol @ The Marble Factory

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GARY NUMAN returns to Manchester Academy on Saturday 24 October for a very special performance as part of the venue’s year-long series of 25th Anniversary shows.

Having performed more than ten headline shows at the Academy during the past sixteen years, Numan has built up a strong affinity with the venue and his loyal Manchester fanbase.

The electro-pioneer and his band will use this occasion to present an all-new show, following on from his last appearance there, on the epic World Tour for 2013’s Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) album.

Pre-sale tickets can be had via the Academy Facebook page from 5.25pm on Wednesday 20 May. They go on general sale from Friday 22 May at 9am.

The Academy 25 series of Anniversary shows kicks off on Saturday 10 October with BUZZCOCKS and continues through 2016. Shows so far are as follows…

BUZZCOCKS – Saturday 10th October 2015

Plus a selection of Very Special Guests still TBA


GARY NUMAN – Saturday 24th October 2015

Plus special announcements still to come


PETER HOOK & THE LIGHT – Friday 30th October 2015

A “Joy Division” Celebration – Performing Unknown Pleasures & Closer

And featuring an opening set of ‘New Order’ material



Saturday 31st October 2015


THE WEDDING PRESENT – Plus support from artists personally chosen by David Gedge:


Saturday 14th November 2015



plus special announcements still to come

Friday 20th November 2015




Saturday 21st November 2015



With live performances from System 7, Dreadzone and Eat Static

Saturday 21st November 2015



Saturday 5th December 2015

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GALLON DRUNK headline the first night of the RAW POWER festival in London next weekend. The band’s only UK date this year, the festival takes place at The Dome in Tufnell Park and runs from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 May.

Gallon Drunk headline the Friday night, while Californian psych-rockers EARTHLESS top the bill on the Saturday and Finnish experimentalists CIRCLE close the Sunday. Covering two stages, Raw Power, put together by London promoters Baba Yaga’s Hut, also features sets from Gnod, Esben & The Witch, Pharaoh Overlord, Hey Colossus, The Wharves, Luminous Bodies, Guapo and more. Full details and tickets are available here.

Gallon Drunk released their acclaimed The Soul Of The Hour album last year via Clouds Hill. Check out the video for the ‘The Dumb Room‘.

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Psychotic NYC blues trio DADDY LONG LEGS are in the UK this week and next, touting their speaker-shredding second album Blood From A Stone, produced by Heavy Trash’s Matt Verta-Ray and out now on Norton Records.

The band, featuring drummer Josh Styles and guitarist Murat Akturk backing the wailing harp of Daddy Long Legs himself, have been blowing up a storm since the release of their 2012 debut Evil Eye On You, tearing up stages alongside the Jim Jones Revue, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and The Sonics.

This, their second UK visit, should see their Dr Feelgood-through-a-blender sound taking very few prisoners!


Edinburgh, Sneaky Petes
Buy tickets


Newcastle, Cluny
Buy tickets


York, Fibbers
Buy tickets


Manchester, Gullivers
Buy tickets


Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
Buy tickets


Cardiff, The Moon
Buy tickets


Bristol, Louisiana
Buy tickets


London, Shacklewell Arms
Buy tickets – WeGotTickets
Buy tickets – TicketWeb


Brighton, The Prince Albert
Buy tickets


Southend, The Railway
Buy tickets

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