Legendary Greek post-punks NEXUS have returned after a 17-year hiatus with a brand new album.

Cited as Greece’s first industrial band, Nexus are the brainchild of musician, songwriter, label boss, broadcaster and filmmaker, a veteran of the country’s post-punk and Goth scenes since the early 80s.

Pougounas came to prominence as founder of Athens band FLOWERS OF ROMANCE, one of the most influential bands on the Greek underground scene, whose final album Brilliant Mistakes in 1996 was produced by Wayne Hussey. He formed Nexus in 2000, followed by NEW ZERO GOD in 2006. He currently hosts the internationally syndicated Blackout Radio Show.

For the new album Ninouki, alongside Greek musicians, Yiannis Drenoyiannis, Michalis Galeos, Louis Kontoulis and Michalis Semertzoglou, Pougounas worked with UK guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite (The Mission, Spear Of Destiny, Peter Murphy) and renowned producer John Fryer (Nine Inch Nails, This Mortal Coil, Love And Rockets).

Ninouki is available now via Bandcamp

Mike Pougounas on Facebook

Pic by Panos Skordas (The Art Asylum)

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Perhaps best known as a member KING PRAWN, guitarist HANS DEVILLE has a new video which he’s premiering exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

A long way from the ska-punk of his other band, the Western Noir ‘Ruby Stars’ is taken his widely acclaimed album Prophecies Of The Lost, recorded with singer Andrew J Davies of the ‘dark country’ band FRANK FROM BLUE VELVET.

The video, which also features guitarist Andrew Francis, bassist Mark J Lee and former Peter & The Test Tube Babies drummer Ogs, was shot by rockabilly filmmakers Bopflix in the West Villa Bar at Hastings’ historic Crown House.

Hans and the band have announced a special ‘dark country hoedown’ at The Dublin Castle, Camden, London on Saturday 26 March – tickets

Prophecies Of The Lost is available to buy here.

Hans Deville on Facebook

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Brummie proto-punk bruisers BLACK BOMBERS are back with a brand new single and video, which they’re premiering exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

The first release by the expanded Bombers line-up featuring new guitarist Steve Crittall who joined at the start of 2020, ‘Last Bite’ is released as a limited edition 7″ through Easy Action on 1 April.

“All Fools’ Day 2022 seems the perfect time to release a track about false promises and the fantasy of returning to fading Empires,” say the band. Recorded between lockdowns during the summer of 2020, work on the track was completed in Crittall’s studio in Soho, London.

The single is backed with a cover of The Damned’s ‘You Take My Money’ from their neglected second album Music For Pleasure.

Put together by bassist Darren Birch (Gunfire Dance, Brian James Gang, Walter Lure), singer/guitarist Alan Byron and drummer Dave Twist (The Prefects, TV Eye, The Hawks), Black Bombers released their self-titled debut album in 2016, followed by the mini-album Vol. 4 in 2019.

More recently, Twist, a recognised music historian and archivist, is responsible for the acclaimed anthology Un-Scene! Post Punk Birmingham 1978 – 1982, out this month, also through Easy Action.

Currently in the process of booking dates around the UK, Black Bombers and others play a Ukraine benefit show at The Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath on Sunday 27 March.

Pre-order ‘Last Bite’ here.

Black Bombers on Facebook

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Graphic designer MACLCOLM GARRETT come under the spotlight with a special edition of London’s Rock’n’Roll Book Club.

A student of Manchester Polytechnic’s design department, Garrett is perhaps best know for his iconic sleeves for Buzzcocks, including the classic single ‘Orgasm Addict’ single and the albums Love Bites, Another Music In A Different Kitchen and A Different Kind Of Tension, but was also involved in design work on numerous releases from Magazine, 999, The Pop Group, The Members, Richard Hell, Yachts, Duran Duran, Devo, Wayne County, The Inmates, Stray Cats, Toots & The Maytals, Simple Minds, Polecats and many more.

At the event at Camden’s Dublin Castle on Wednesday 16 March, Garrett will be interviewed by Rock’n’Roll Book Club host Alison Beale as well as taking questions from the floor.

Tickets for the event are available here. There will be reduced admission with a ‘Malcolm Garrett Art Statement’ badge from this year’s Punk Art Show which launches at the Museum Of Youth And Culture, Shaftesbury Avenue on Friday 11 March.

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Multinational alt-rockers MOUNT FOREL have a new album coming and to celebrate they’re premiering a live video with Vive Le Rock!

Based in the UK, the band are a truly globe-straddling affair with members from as far afield as Denver, Colorado; Dunedin, New Zealand; Osaka, Japan; Derry, Northern Ireland and Manchester, England.

Sub Rosa Stories is inspired by the band’s investigations into strange phenomena, such as the peculiar unexplained hum heard across the Bristol area that inspired their forthcoming single ‘The Hum’.

‘Costa Rica’, though, is from the band’s debut album Small Worlds, released last year.

The band will follow this up with the release of ‘The Hum’ through their own Fallen Swine label on 1 April. On that date they’ll also be playing a London show at The Troubadour, Earls Court.

Mount Forel on Facebook

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Punk ‘N’ Roll Rendezvous Festival

Punk ‘N’ Roll Rendezvous Festival
The Water Rats / Electrowerkz / The Post Bar, London

For three glorious days, a congregation of punks criss-crossed both London boroughs and musical boundaries for a festival known as the Punk’n’Roll Rendezvous. The event is organized by Phil Honey-Hones and Nina Courson of the Healthy Junkies, who curated an all-rock-star line-up of bands blasting back-to-back bangers all weekend long. Friend Steve Iles also helps book many of the out of town bands.

Phil and Nina have been running Punk’n’Roll Rendezvous as a monthly night for ten years now. Previously all events were held at The Unicorn on Camden Road. But like so many other venues post-covid, this venue has not reopened. There was a mad scramble to relocate this entire festival at the last minute.

Despite a brief hiatus during lockdown, the Punk’N’Roll Rendezvous Festival returned for its fifth iteration in a blaze of glory. The atmospheric Foxpalmer kickstarted Friday night festivities at The Water Rats – her melodic musings rendered even more ethereal by the next act, The Anoraks, who took to the stage in a maelstrom of crashing crescendos and rough guitar riffs. The subsequent band, The Moody Pythons, were a weekend standout, embodying the platitude that “pros make the difficult look easy”. The sound of their song ‘Lighten Up’ washed over the crowd like a tsunami: massive and wild, while still being controlled by the mathematical precision that governs waves. A hard act to follow, but the sound of Prisoners of Mother England hit alt-rock hard. Their song ‘I Want You’ launched catchy earworm hooks into the soft tissue of my brain. I couldn’t stop humming to myself until the sonic boom of JELLLY exploded my synapses.

JELLLY has recently been reinvigorated by the addition of Vera Wild, super bassist, whose vocals had me pushed back in my chair like I was about to be launched into space. This feeling was solidified by the Slow Cooked Bears, who brought an otherworldly blend of futuristic pop and classic rock: their song ‘Space Odyssey’ could have been transmitted from another dimension. Nervous Twitch probably hails from that dimension as well; their groovy, retro vibe infuses surf-rock with synth to create a hyper-cool Jetsons fantasy.

Swamp Chicken made their London debut by closing the night, bringing us back to punk n roll reality with their song ‘Halloumi Dream’. If this is starting to feel like a lot, buckle up, because the Punk N Roll Rendezvous Festival is just getting started.

Painfully trendy venue Electrowerkz was bustling by 3pm on Saturday, when the acoustically guitared Max Chowdry opened the show; the place was bumping when Cherry & Peesh brought their punk poetry from the streets and onto the stage; and by the time ska band Suburban Toys started to tread the boards the joint was rapidly descending into madness, as evidenced by the frenzied state of the crowd – who lost their collective shit for Aubrey Eels & The Baron.
It’s easy to see why the dynamic duo is a crowd favorite: their combative humour was showcased exceptionally by their songs ‘Universal Credit’ and ‘Domestic Violence’, which offered a screaming, cathartic antithesis to the political newspeak used to dance around those issues.

There’s just enough time to grab a beer – you’ve earned it, and you’re gonna need it, because the paradigm of punk as a predominantly male space is about to get tactically obliterated in real 4/4 time. Were it possible to harness the girl power produced by the following bands, nations would go to war.

All tunes, tattoos, and torn tights, Lady Rage is redefining the term ‘UK girl group’ with their furious sound. Lead singer Siren Sycho’s soul-tearing, riot-girl howling perfectly encapsulated the evils of social media in their absolute banger of a song, ‘Social Circus’. After being sprayed in the face with a Super Soaker full of ‘slut juice’, I had lost all sense of journalistic integrity.

PollyPikPocketz by Neil Anderson

But this was immaterial, because something wicked was coming this way: the Witch Of The East, an apt name, because the only explanation for the seamless fusion of hardcore industrial rock with transcendental sounds is some serious witchcraft. Lead singer Aeris Houlihan’s mystical stage presence would cause Stevie Nicks to eat her own heart out.

Kurt Cobain’s prophecy that “women are the only future in rock’n’roll” (an idea championed by event organizer Nina Courson) was perpetuated by PollyPikPocketz, a band guaranteed to steal your heart. The lead vocalist Myura’s ferocious voice is reinforced by raw rock’n’roll, courtesy of her talented bandmates. The mosh pit barely dissipated before it reformed for A Void, a band whose musical range is as vast and unfathomable as a black hole: their new single ‘Stepping on Snails’ spans genres and emotions – and their lead singer is a human dynamo displaying
straight up talent.

A Void by Neil Anderson

Last, but certainly not least, was headliners the Healthy Junkies. Their song ‘MAYDAY’ is a furious anthem of righteous rage: drums pounding against quick jabs of the guitar, and followed up by a flurry of lyrical counterpunches straight to your cranium. This band is not to be missed – as evidenced by the fact that one of their fans suffered a machete attack to the face earlier that day, rocking up to the gig with a bandaged cheekbone and a mouth full of missing teeth – and when the lights came on and the night finished up, the crowd was ready to riot, screaming for more.

Fortunately, they didn’t have long to wait: the punks burned the midnight oil with all the pyrotechnic splendour of a fireball KISS concert. Hold on to your hangovers, because it’s time to hit Post Bar and rock out to Techno Juggernaut’s homage to Daft Punk. The grunge anthems of Girls Like Us got the crowd amped up – and when bad boy band Spider Redundant took to the stage with their incandescent rock n roll, I realized I was in a mosh pit at 6pm on a Sunday.

Don’t get too comfortable, because up next is Army of Skanks, a three-piece powerhouse, pushing the boundaries of punk with their uncontrollable riffery. Carol Lane’s impeccable control over the guitar was such that when she told me she’d suffered a wrist injury and been going through physio for months I called her a liar straight to her face. My prodigious hangover was starting to show. The surf rock sounds of the Suicide Notes washed over me, took my breath away and left me for dead; thankfully, the hard rocking Kontrol Freaks (and the energetic force of nature that is their lead singer Monty Nordgren) shocked me back to life with the high voltage of a defibrillator – assisted by the blasting beats and unique metal-pop cadences of follow-up band Flesh Tetris.

Still, I was pretty sure my soul was in limbo, because gracing my eyes and the stage was Jojo & the Teeth: vocalist Jojo O’Donoghue is a grungy goddess, and the unique alt-rock cadences of this glamorous band is my definition of heavenly. I mean, rock’n’roll was invented by a nun.

The weekend ended on a grand finale: Neon Animal is all high fashion and uncivilized behaviour. Their sound was like a kind of primitive utterance beyond speech, showcasing emotions too vast to be caught by little words. Indeed, the Punk’n’Roll Rendezvous Festival possessed qualities too rare for language to describe precisely: terms like ‘talent’ and ‘community’ are rendered paltry in comparison to the dedication these artists have to their music, and each other. In a world of all-powerful corporations, government shit shows, and social media panopticons, a music festival brought into existence out of pure love is an unreal experience, especially one that revels in the dulcet tones of rebellion.

“Live music was put on life support during the pandemic,” said Phil Honey-Jones. “That’s why this event is so important to us. It’s about keeping live music alive.”

Hailey Wendling

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KILLING JOKE bassist YOUTH has announced his debut solo album and live dates.

With a career spanning 45 years as musician, producer, remixer, DJ and more, the man born Martin Glover decided it was high time to make a solo album.

Spinning Wheel is set for release in March through his own Youth Sounds imprint via Cadiz Music. It’s preceded by the single ‘Sha La Laa I Love You’.

Youth’s career began with ’77 punk band Rage and continued with a stint in John Lydon’s brother Jimmy’s band 4″ be 2. From there he joined Killing Joke, followed by dub-funkers Brilliant before exploring remixing and production, going on to work with acts as diverese as The Verve, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Pink Floyd and Paul McCartney.

As befits an artist with such a storied career, his debut album draws on an eclectic array of influences. “Everything from Nick Drake to Led Zeppelin, through a lens of Fairport tripping out with the Velvet Underground with a couple of Beach Boys, all the way to Cohen and Rodriguez, via Jim O Rourke, jamming with Fred Neil and Bert Janch and Michael Rother,” he explains. “Towards the middle of the recordings I decided to remix all the songs with an electronic tech direction and it felt liberating to reimagine them in a more experimental electronic way”.

Spinning Wheel is available to pre-order on CD and vinyl here.

To coincide with the release Youth will be playing a handful of intimate shows around London. Catch him at…

Mar 8th – The Troubadour, Earls Court SW5
Mar 9th – Easycome, The Old Dispensary, Camberwell Green SE5
Mar 10th – Rough Trade West, Portobello W11
Mar 11th – The Book And Record Bar, West Norwood SE27

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Euro-streetpunk titans BOOZE & GLORY have dropped their second single of the year.

Following on from January’s raising the roof, ‘Betrayed’ perfectly captures the feeling of the times, of having been taken for a ride by our elected representatives, encouraging the listener to retaliate in the simplest way…

“Show them your middle finger
you got to keep on going, keep on screaming
Show them your middle finger
you got to keep on breathing, don‘t stop believing…”

Booze & Glory on Facebook

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Vive Le Rock Icon Award-winner SUZI QUATRO is to have her 70s golden age celebrated with a new box set.

The leather-clad Detroit rocker hit the UK charts in ’73 following a tour the previous year with Slade and Thin Lizzy. In May ’73, she enjoyed her first No.1, ‘Can The Can’, kicking off an impressive run of 10 Top 40 hits that decade that included such classics as ’48 Crash’, ‘Devil Gate Drive’ and ‘The Wild One’, coming back post-punk with ‘If You Can’t Give Me Love’ and ‘She’s In Love With You’.

Released through Chrysalis on 15 April, The Rock Box 1973-1979: The complete Recordings features 8 discs comprising her six studio albums from the 70s – each boosted by bonus tracks; her rare Japan and Australia-only live album, Live And Kickin from ’77 and a DVD featuring promo clips, Top Of The Pops appearances and a Japanese live set from ’75.

The set is completed by a 56-page book featuring a biography and personal recollections from Suzi and guitarist and co-songwriter Len Tuckey.

As previously announced, Suzi plays London’s Royal Albert Hall on 20 April. Tickets here.

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Anglo-American rockers THE IMBECILES have unveiled a new video ahead of the release of their forthcoming new album.

‘Tiny Blue People’ is the first single to be taken from Imbecilica, the band’s first full-length since the band convened a new line-up for 2020’s Dissolution Sessions EP.

“The song is about the duality of American middle-class society,” reveals band founder, songwriter and guitarist Butch Dante. “At one level everything looks perfect, idyllic – but in reality, those perfect lawns and crystal blue pools conceal the vilest perfidy, a world ruled by egotism and base cruelty.”

For the making of Imbecilica, Dante and singer John Kent retreated to Andalusia’s El Mirador studio, owned and run by Killing Joke bassist Youth, who co-wrote and played bass on the album. “It’s on a mountain on Spain’s southern coast, where Youth has built a big compound with Moroccan-style minarets,” explains Dante. “It’s quite chaotic, with incredibly esoteric furniture, art and books. You climb up a ladder to a sorcerer’s library in a tower dedicated to music. It’s got a huge, sunken sitting room with a big fire, and a pool. When we got there, it was just me, John Kent and Youth. For three days we just ate food and talked, listened to music and watched Kubrick movies – and Final Destination! – and decided what we were going to do. The rest of the band turned up and plugged in, and things started happening.”

Imbecilica is set for release through Cadiz on 20 May and is available to pre-order here.

Next month The Imbeciles head out on tour with Killing Joke. Full dates are…

27 Mar Cheltenham Frog & Fiddle
28 Mar Cardiff Tramshed
29 Mar Nottingham Rock City
31 Mar Bristol O2 Academy
1 Apr Liverpool O2 Academy
2 Apr Birmingham O2 Institute
4 Apr Manchester Albert Hall
5 Apr Newcastle Boiler Shop
6 Apr Glasgow Barrowland
8 Apr Leeds O2 Academy
9 Apr London Eventim Apollo Hammersmith

Tickets are on sale here.

The Imbeciles on Facebook

Pic by Tom Sheehan

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Texan sex machines KILLER HEARTS have a new video for Valentine’s Day and they’re premiering it exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

‘Buried In Leather’ is the latest single to be taken from the Houson quartet’s debut album Skintight Electric, which was released through Spaghetty Town last autumn.

Formed in 2015 by local punk vets, guitarist Brandon Barger and bassist Gil Lira along with drummer Cory Parker and Brandon’s brother Jarrett on vocals, the Killer Hearts fuse punk energy and economy with arena rock dynamics in a flamboyant, sleazy whole. Or should that be hole?

“Me and my brother Jarrett write all the songs,” says Brandon, “We’re not really trying to write punk songs exactly. Not that I have anything against that. We’re just writing about Bayou City, where we live – it’s tough, mean, dirty, like the Dead Boys.

“I grew up on punk,” he explains. “So I went through the punk thing, then I got into glam rock as a guitar player. I also got into classic heavy metal a bit. I think that’s what made whatever sound that I have. I wanna be Johnny Thunders, but I also wanna be Fast Eddie Clarke from Motorhead! I wanna be flash, I wanna be sassy, but I also wanna rip!”

Skintight Electric is available in Europe through Dragstrip Riot and in the US through Spaghetty Town.

Killer Hearts on Facebook

Pic by Violeta Alvarez

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SUZI QUATRO returns with a new lyric video and announces a European tour.

‘Motor City Riders’ is the third single to be taken from Suzi’s current album The Devil In Me and celebrates her hometown of Detroit.

The Devil In Me is available to buy here.

Now into her sixth decade as a recording artist, the Vive Le Rock Icon award-winner has announced a string of dates for 2022, kicking off with a show at London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall on 20 April and including the Australian Rock The Boat cruise in November. Full dates are…

20.04. UK-London – Royal Albert Hall
24.04. DE-Stuttgart – Liederhalle
30.04. DE-Obertraubling – Airport-Eventhall
12.05. DE-Offenburg – Open Air
25.05. DE-Mönchengladbach – Red Box
03.06. DE-Ulm – CCO Halle
05.06. DE-Siegen – Hilchenbach KulturPur
24.06. DE-Dexheim – Kultur auf dem Hof
25.06. DE-Neuleiningen – Burgsommer
02.07. NO-Skanevik – Blues Festival
08.07. DE-Zwickau – Stadthalle
09.07. DE-Cottbus – Stadthalle
10.07. DE-Neuruppin – Kulturkirche
29.07. DE-Gotha – Schloß Friedenstein
04.08. NL-Steenwijkerwold – Dicky Woodstock Festival
13.08. DE-Mülheim – MüGa-Park
20.08. BE-Lichtaart – Yesterdayland Festival
09.09. DK-Vejle – Musikteater
10.09. DK-Knebel – Fuglsøcentret
23.09. UK-Belfast – Waterfront Hall
05.10. SE-Stockholm – Cirkus-Arena
06.10. SE-Malmö – Teater
15.10. DE-Fulda – Esperanto Halle
16.10. DE-Augsburg – Kongress am Park
20.10. DE-Friedrichshafen – Graf Zeppelin Haus
28.10. DE-Dillingen – Lokschuppen
09.11.-16.11 AUS- Brisbane – Rock The Boat
09.12. DE-Mannheim – Rosengarten
11.12. DE-Dessau – Anhalt Arena
12.12. DE-Berlin – Friedrichstadtpalast
13.12. DE-Dresden – Kulturpalast
14.12. DE-Leipzig – Arena

Tickets for the RAH show are available here.

Pic by Tina K

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New York post-punks SAVAK have unveiled a new lyric video ahead of their new album.

The track ‘No Blues No Jazz’ is taken from the album Human Error / Human Delight, the band’s fifth, and draws on their roots in the Washington DC post-hardcore scene. The album is set for release on 15 April through Ernest Jenning Record Co. in conjunction with the band’s own Peculiar Works imprint.

The intriguing 60s jazz-flavoured video was created by Alexis Fleisig and is based on a Punk Note concept by John Yates/Stealworks.

Formed in Brooklyn in 2015, the band’s members have done time in such bands as Obits, Edsel and Toronto electronicists Holy Fuck.

Pre-order Human Error / Human Delight here.

Pic by Taylor Sesselman

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Essex r’n’b legends AUTOMATIC SLIM are back with their first new album in more than two decades.

Formed in the wake of the mainstream success of local heroes Dr Feelgood, Slim pioneered the East Anglian rhythm’n’blues scene, from Canvey to Kings Lynn, becoming festival favourites and gigging further afield for nearly 20 years before winding down in 1999, releasing their last album Growing Old Disgracefully in 2001 and continuing to reunite for a handful of gigs each year.

Recorded in the heart of the Essex Delta at Rooks Yard Studio, Down By The Waterside features the classic line-up of frontman Tim Aves, guitarist Ian Cundy, bassist Howard J Bills and drummer Don Moore and includes a mix of Slim originals plus favourites from the likes of Willie Dixon, Cowboy Jack Clement, Billy Boy Arnold and, naturally, Wilko Johnson.

Released on the new label of legendary radio station Radio Caroline, which broadcast off the coast of Essex throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s, the album also features the new track ‘Caroline (Under The Covers)’ in tribute to the station.

“We’re thrilled to bits with the way the album has turned out,” says Aves. “Although the band stopped gigging regularly in 1999, we’ve continued to play a few gigs each year, but our last album was way back in 2001. That one’s been out of print for years, so it’s great to be getting our music out there again. There’s been a LOT of interest in this project. It’s amazing really that people still want to hear what we’re doing after all these years.”

The band will be launching Down By The Waterside with a special gig at Kelvedon Labour Club on Saturday 5 February, after which it will be available from the band’s website and digitally through the usual platforms.

Automatic Slim on Facebook

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Derry’s finest THE UNDERTONES have announced a new compilation album to coincide with their forthcoming European tour.

The thirteen-song Dig What You Need compiles the best of the band’s career since reforming in 1999 with new singer Paul McLoone. Drawing on two albums Get What You Need and Dig Yourself Deep, all tracks have been remixed by producer Paul Tipler (Stereolab, Snuff, Aerial Salad).

Guitarist and founder member Damian O’Neill notes…”So dig this: ‘Thrill Me’, ‘Oh Please’, ‘I’m Recommending Me’, ‘Dig Yourself Deep’, ‘Here Comes The Rain’ – all firm favourites on an Undertones set list these days, songs penned by John O¹Neill and Michael Bradley. So it’s a no-brainer really that all these songs (and more) should finally be included on a best-of compilation taken from the two albums we’ve recorded with Paul McLoone. Even better is the fact we got producer/mixing maestro Paul Tipler to remix them with fresh ears and make them sound even better than the originals. Add to that the wonderful packaging and sleeve design courtesy of Bruce and Mary from Arthole and lo and behold we have a sonically cohesive bunch of nuggets waiting to be rediscovered all over again. So dig this compilation my friends – you know you won’t be disappointed”.

Due out on 11 March it’s available to pre-order on vinyl and CD here, and digitally here.

The band head out on tour a tour of the UK in March, with a London headline show at the Electric Ballroom, before heading over to Europe. Full dates are…

10 – Sheffield, UK @ Leadmill *
11 – Northampton, UK @Roadmender ^
12 – London, UK @ Electric Ballroom ^
17 – Brighton, UK @ Chalk ^
18 – Frome, UK @ Cheese & Grain ^
19 – Cardiff, UK @ Cardiff SU Great Hall ^
31- Newcastle, UK @ Boiler Shop ^

01 – Manchester, UK @Academy – ^
02 – Liverpool, UK @ O2 Academy ^
09 – Munich, Germany @ Feierwerk
10 – Weinheim, Germany @ Cafe Central
22 – Dublin, Ireland @ Academy

13 – Bremen, Germany @ Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus
14 – Düsseldorf, Germany @ Zakk
15 – Hamburg, Germany @ Markethalle
17 – Malmo, Sweden @ Plan B
18 – Oslo, Norway @ Vulkan Arena
20 – Göteborg, Sweden @ Pustervik
21 – Stockholm, Sweden @Slaktkykan
22 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Pumpenhuset

*Special guest Neville Staple Band
^Special guest Hugh Cornwell Electric

Tickets are on sale here.

The Undertones on Facebook

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UNDERCOVER FESTIVAL returns this Spring in its 10th incarnation.

Back at Suburbs at The Holroyd Arms, Guildford over the weekend of 1 to 3 April, this year’s event is headlined by SUBHUMANS (pictured), RUTS DC and Brisol reggae legends TALISMAN.


Undercover are also promoting a series of gigs at Suburbs throughout the year, including THE FILAMENTS (11 Feb), RADICAL DANCE FACTION (12 March), THEATRE OF HATE (23 April), plus a 10th Anniversary all-dayer on 17 September with CHELSEA, MENACE, EASTFIELD and more.

Full details and tickets can be found here.

Pic by Gerry Underwood

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US artpunks PERENNIAL have a new single and they’re premiering it with Vive Le Rock!

Abarasive floorfiller ‘In The Midnight Hour’ is the title track from the Connecticut trio’s second album which is due out on CD and cassette on 1 February and on vinyl on 1 March.

“Musically, we wanted something with all the ingredients of something you can dance to, but with some thornier angles here and there,” they say of the single. “”We loved the layering of a song that is narratively about how we deal with a sometimes ferocious world, and trying to get by in that world, but with music that is kinetic in response. If the whole album is about the nighttime, we wanted the title track to be both haunted and full of possibility.”

For the album, the trio looked upon refreshingly old-school inspirations, in the form of The Clash’s Sandinista!, Patti Smith’s Horses, The Creation’s We Are Paintermen and The Shape Of Punk To Come by Refused. The whole caboodle was licked into shape thanks to the production chops of Chris Teti of local emo stalwarts The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die.

In The Midnight Hour is available to pre-order in various bundles here.

Perennial on Facebook

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Geordie punk-rockers CRASHED OUT plough headlong into the New Year with a brand new single and lyric video which they’re premiering with Vive Le Rock!

‘Hypocrisy’ is the first single to be taken from the band’s forthcoming new album which is due out in the Spring through Demons Run Amok.

“The song is all about the massive sicking class divide that the so called ruling class insist no longer exists here in the UK!!!!,” say the band. “It’s a full on in ya face punk rock anthem.”

‘Hypocrisy’ is available to stream/download from Spotify, Amazon, Apple and all the usual platforms.

Formed in the North-East of England in 1995, combining street-punk and rock into their own individual sound across five albums and split albums with Angelic Upstarts and LA punks The Generators.

The band already have a load of gigs booked for 2022, kicking off in Newcastle this Saturday and a memorial gig for the Upstarts recently departed Mensi (RIP) on 1 April. Full dates (so far) are…

15 Jan – Trillians, Newcastle
19 Feb – The Star & Garter, Manchester
25 Feb – The Underworld, Camden London (w/ Last Resort)
1 Apr – Hedworth Hall, South Shields (Mensi memorial gig)
25 Jun – Bannerman’s, Edinburgh
26 Jun – Ivory Black’s, Glasgow
15 Jul – Kubix Festival, Sunderland
22 July – Riverside, Newcastle (w/ The Dickies)
6 Aug – Rebellion, Blackpool
14 Sept – Hedworth Hall, South Shields (w/ The Toy Dolls)

Crashed Out on Facebook

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