Multinational powerpop punks LOS PEPES have announced a new single and video.

The breakneck barn-burner ‘I Want You Back’ forms half a double-A-side single with ‘Never Get It Right’, both of which can be found on their forthcoming new album The Happiness Program. Their maiden release for new label Black Wax Noise Division, confusingly, the single also features a third track, ‘Tell Me’, exclusive to this release.

Available on 7″ black vinyl – natch! – and limited edition coloured vinyl, both versions are available, along with loads of other great releases, from the Black Wax store.

Los Pepes on Facebook

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THE DAMNED have announced the full supporting cast for their forthcoming reunion tour.

As previously announced, the reconvened James, Scabies, Sensible and Vanian line-up have rescheduled their July dates for 11-19 February 2022, taking in Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London. Originally planned to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of their debut gig, the dates will mark another celebration, coinciding with the 45th Anniversary of the release of their classic debut album Damned Damned Damned.

The choice of supports pays homage to the Class of ’77, with performances by PENETRATION, T.V. SMITH and the SKIDS alongside THE WILDHEARTS and fast-rising newcomers SMALLTOWN TIGERS.


Formed in County Durham in 1976, Penetration, fronted by Pauline Murray, returned in 2001, and having regained their following finally released a new album Resolution to rapturous reviews in 2015. They’ll be playing in Glasgow O2 Academy (11/2), Manchester O2 Apollo (12/2) and Birmingham O2 Academy (16/2). They’ll also play the second night at London Eventim Apollo (19/2) along with The Wildhearts.

T.V. Smith regularly appeared alongside The Damned fronting THE ADVERTS in ’77. Following the release of his critically acclaimed solo album Lockdown Holiday, Smith will be appearing with his sometime backing band The Bored Teenagers, playing a set of Adverts classics in Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham. They’ll also be appearing at the first London show on 18 February, alongside the Skids.

Smalltown Tigers

Opening each night will be the hotly tipped Italian punks Smalltown Tigers, who made a noise last Summer with their widely praised Five Things mini-album.

Tickets are on sale here. Original tickets are still valid for the new dates.

The Damned on Facebook

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The revamped Futurama Festival has announced a third wave of additions to the line-up, led by Manchester post-punk/dance pioneers A CERTAIN RATIO.

Post-punk veterans CLOCK DVA, SEX GANG CHILDREN and THE BLUE ORCHIDS have also been added alongside newcomers such as fast-rising Norwegian newcomers POM POKO and hotly-tipped Essex punks THE MEFFS, whose new video Vive Le Rock! premiered last week. It’s also been announced that SPEAR OF DESTINY will now be replacing Kirk Brandon’s other band, the previously announced Theatre Of Hate.

As previously announced, the cutting edge festival which was first staged at Leeds’ Queen’s Hall and ran for several years during the 80s will be reborn in Liverpool at the hands of festival founder John Keenan and Liverpool promoter Marc Jones.

Taking place over the weekend of 11-12 September, the festival will feature four stages across three venues – the Invisible Wind Factory, Make Arts Centre and Ten Streets Social in the Stanley Dock / Regent Road area of Liverpool. The main stages will be hosted by Vive Le Rock! and Louderthanwar.

The latest line-up additions will be joining previously announced headliners HEAVEN 17 (Saturday 11) and PETER HOOK & THE LIGHT and THE CHAMELEONS.

The full line-up so far is…







…with more names to be added!

Weekend and day tickets (including an instalment option) are available here.

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London pop-rockers RICH RAGANY & THE DIGRESSIONS are back with a brand new single an video.

‘Heartbreakers Don’t Try’ is a taster for the ex-ROLE MODEL’s as yet unnamed second album which is due out this Summer.

Recorded between lockdowns at the South London studio of producer Andy Brook, the album finds the Canadian-born songwriter joined by a now stable line-up including Brook on keys, guitarists Gaff (Desperate Measures, Hollywood Brats) and Kit Swing, bassist Ricky McGuire (UK Subs, The Men They Couldn’t Hang) and fellow ex-Role Model Simon Maxwell on drums.

“A pretty simple song lyrically about the fight you can have with depression”, says Rich about the song. “But then that great feeling of just saying ‘FUCK IT’ and standing up and taking on the day, week or challenge. Just taking that cloud and giving it stiff little fingers and going out and gettin’ some JOY! The liberation.”

With lockdown still making it difficult for bands to get together in one place, the band had the novel idea of getting their puppet pals to appear in the video…

“The puppets do a fantastic job of raising your spirits, and they are really feeling those lyrics,” laughs Rich. “We love bands like The Faces who are great at juggling beautiful music, but also letting their humour show. It’s in the spirit of that.”

Rich Ragany & The Digressions on Facebook

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On the eve of the release of their career-spanning anthology Time Lapse, Vive Le Rock talks to Alex Novak from Northampton post-punks VENUS FLY TRAP.

Can you give a brief history of Venus Fly Trap.

I had been in a band called Attrition who were based in London at the time, I had done an album and toured Holland/UK with them. Decided to move back to my native Northampton famous for Bauhaus, Alan Moore and the film Kinky Boots, hooked up with my brother John Novak (Isaws, Where’s Lisse) and Tony Booker an ex art school student, I had also studied at art school. The line-up has changed many times over the years: Andy Denton joined via a local band Crowman, initially as the drummer and ended up playing guitar and has done for many years.

Your new album Time Lapse collects tracks from three albums – Totem, Pandora’s Box and Luna Tide. What was your reasoning for a three-in-one rather than individual releases?

It was basically the time it would take to release individual albums: to promote those albums, and the costs, it just seemed to make more sense. If someone else would like to reissue everything in one go in the future then that’s fine. It gave me an opportunity to pick tracks and create an alternative album for this alternate reality.

You’ve talked about VFTs albums as existing in triptychs. How do these three albums relate to each other?

Well, two came out on Danceteria, the line-up was pretty consistent with the core members being present. I would say Luna Tide was a transition album with members who had joined at the time of Pandora’s Box being retained, so shifts in line-up rather than seismic changes. But generally it was a band line-up with the usual drums, guitar, bass and keys which kept it within certain parameters but with some experimenting in the studio.

There was quite a sonic shift from the post punk of Totem to more organic Luna Tide. Why the constant evolution?

As new members join they add their influences to the pot, also we replaced electronic drum pads with a real drummer (on Mars we had a drum machine) and sequencers with an analogue keyboard player so that will effect the feel.

Despite this they remain easily identifiable as VFT. What’s the aesthetic holding them together?

I guess one thing would be myself: I have been the only constant in all the line-ups and I want the sound to fit certain parameters. Luna Tide was at the edge of those parameters and I didn’t want to continue in that particular direction for Dark Amour but that’s another story.

Certainly not a metal album, Luna Tide nevertheless got a glowing review in the metal bible Kerrang!. What was the crossover appeal?

I think at that time the magazine was covering a lot wider musical tastes not just the traditional stuff but also grunge, alternative rock and goth so we fitted within that brief.

How did you decide what tracks to include on Time Lapse?

Tried to get tracks to fit together and get a flow going, changed the order on some of the tracks from Luna Tide as they seemed to fit together better.

Fans have a special relationship with songs. Were you worried about omitting someone’s favourite when assembling Time Lapse?

This is an alternative album for an alternate reality, those albums don’t exist in this reality, another time and another place the dice would fall differently.

Time Lapse seems a pretty apt title for these strange times.

Time has been changed: are we going forward or are we in limbo?

How will you promote the album in the midst of a pandemic?

Via the net, magazines, radio and whatever portals and wormholes are open to transmit  information.

Time Lapse 1989-1994
(Glass Modern)

Northampton’s Venus Fly Trap, like Killing Joke or Public Image, are a band in constant flux with their discography shapeshifting from it’s post-punk beginnings to a darkwave electronica. The aptly titled Time Lapse selects tracks from three albums which encapsulates the bands evolution.

Venus Fly Trap found great favour on the continent and French label Danceteria released Totem in 1989. Four tracks from that record open this collection beginning with ‘Out Of Your Depth’, an epic of biblical proportions. Opening like the gates of Babylon it finds vocalist Alex Novak wailing, as if the love child of Nico and Jim Morrison, over a tangle of discordant guitars and sombre electronics. There’s a definite cinematic quality to these songs, especially the darker end of celluloid and ‘Rainy Latvian Wedding’ would make the ideal soundtrack to some unsettling film noir such as The Cremator.

Two years later and Pandora’s Box spilled its delights on an unwary public. ‘Shadow Ministry’: a baby’s wail, guitar dripping icicles and glacial synths constantly repositions the listener as it swirls around the room like some unruly spirit. The truly haunting ‘Sidewinder’ is a midnight stroll through the grounds of Stephen King’s Overlook Hotel while the albums lead single ‘Achilles Heel’ skips along on waves of effervescence. Producer Pat Fish sprinkled his magic on proceedings and produced a busy yet uncluttered sound which mirrored the bands frenetic energy.

When they returned in 1994 with Luna Tide it was with a more organic effort that veered in a more rock direction. However, in whatever guise they appeared there’s a dark aesthetic present and no more so than on ‘Storm Clouds Are Gathering’. The Velvet Underground meets Suicide, it takes a sombre turn that jars with the metronomic explosion that is ‘Moscow Menagerie’. Ensuring the album ends as it began the funereal ‘Heretic’ is a dark procession that leads to a haunting conclusion.

Despite the years and genres that separates these tracks they hang together as a cohesive whole and make a deliciously dark that’s perfect for these dark times.

Peter Dennis

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London punks HEALTHY JUNKIES are back with another video which they’re premiering exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

Unable to gig for a year, the band have been writing new material and making videos “to keep us sane.”

‘Streets Of Olympia’, taken from the band’s Forever On The Road album, is inspired by their 2018 US tour, which took them to the city of Olympia in Washington State for a couple of shows.

“There was a large contingent of homeless teenagers/twenty-somethings in there,” says guitarist Phil Honey-Jones. “They lived in tents on a designated car park. They were so welcoming to us, and then moshed themselves into a wild frenzy during our show with one guy breaking a wrist and another girl dislocating her shoulder. It was a cool scene there back in 2018, it was like a modern day court of miracles. I often wonder what became of them. This song is for them.”

The video was directed and edited by Shogo Hino and filmed at Jumping Sofa Studio in London.

Currently in the process of recording tracks for their next album, Healthy Junkies are in the throes of planning UK shows for the Autumn.

Forever On The Road is available here.

Healthy Junkies on Facebook

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Rising star in the psych-rock firmament ED SYKES and his band THE SONIC OSCILLATORS blast back with a new video which they’re premiering today exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

The fantastically trippy ‘My Little Black Cloud’ is the band’s second taster for their debut album Sky Seed, following on from last summer’s ‘I’m Forever Losing You’.

Likened to “a big dramatic painting like Rembrandt’s Belshazzar’s Feast with all its drama and darkness”, the track was recorded on a vintage 3M tape machine at Rebellion Studios in Marks Tey, Essex and produced by the band’s guitarist Nathan Wacey.

The suitably lysergic video starring Gemma Bailey was directed by Sykes himself.

‘My Little Black Cloud’ will be available to stream/download everywhere from 12 March through Co6 Records.

Ed Sykes on Facebook

Pic by Maryann Morris

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Rejuvenated Birmingham post-punks CULT FIGURES trail the release of their new album with a new video which they’re premiering exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

‘Chicken Bones’ is the opening track from Deritend, the band’s first album of new material in 40 years. Taking its curious name from the historic industrial district just southeast of Birmingham city centre, it follows on from 2018’s The 166 Ploughs A Lonely Furrow, which featured new recordings of material written during their original late 70s existence.

Cult Figures emerged from the same fertile Birmingham punk scene that spawned The Nightingales, Spizzenergi and Swell Maps, who would become the band’s mentors, going so far as to appear on their now highly collectable 1979 debut single ‘Zip Nolan’. Sharing stages with the likes of The Fall, Felt, GBH – and at one time supported by a fledgling A Flock Of Seagulls – the band split in 1980, only to reform in 2016.

Made under lockdown, the video for ‘Chicken Bones’ was directed by the Figures’ very own twice BAFTA winning guitarist Jon Hodgson; combining grainy monochrome footage of singer Gary Jones, striding purposely through the streets of East London, with a grisly montage of Jones’s own photographs captured on the streets of Shoreditch, Soho and Tottenham Court Road.

“The lurid imagery documents the human remains and detritus of a drug and alcohol fuelled nightlife,” says Jones. “The chicken bones and ketchup splats; the dropped fries and tough guys; the pigeon feasters and the drink can beasters. Echoing the words of the song, the debris captured on camera chronicles the story of the streets that ‘look different, but… all still smell the same’.”

Set for release on 26 March through Gare Du Nord Records, Deritend is available to pre-order on CD and heavyweight vinyl here and digitally here.

Read an interview with Cult Figures in the new edition of Vive Le Rock!

Cult Figures on Facebook

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Aussie legends HARD-ONS are to have their amazing story captured on celluloid.

Hard-Ons: The Most Australian Band Ever! is a new feature-length doc from Living Eyes Films, the makers of the award-winning Radio Birdman doc, Descent Into The Maelstrom.

Forming at high-school in the Sydney suburb of Punchbowl, the multi-racial trio emerged out of the highly fertile 80s Aussie underground scene taking their hugely-influential supercharged pop-punk around the world, sharing stages with the likes of Ramones, Nirvana, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. The band hold an Australian indie chart record with no fewer than 17 consecutive No.1s. Their most recent album, 2019’s So I Could Have Them Destroyed proves there’s no sign of them slowing down just yet, the band already preparing material for their 13th album.

“The Hard-Ons are extremely pleased to be having a documentary made about us, by professionals that know our band musically, spiritually and ideologically, very well,” says bassist Ray Ahn. “We are honoured and flattered. We look forward to the finished film in great anticipation. We want our story told.”

With the film already in production, the band and producers are currently soliciting donations to complete the project. To find out how you can contribute, go here.


Hard-Ons on Facebook

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Written and recorded in-between lockdowns in 2020, New Zealand-born but London-based punks DESPERATE MEASURES managed to escape the COVID-19 madness for some cathartic writing and recording sessions and the first taste of those gatherings arrives today with ‘The Rich-Tual’, a bullet of classic punk reloaded for the pandemic generation that rips from the speakers screaming ‘fuck the system, before the system fucks you!’

Recorded at The Brook Studios in South London by Andy Brook, ‘The Rich-Tual’ is taken from a forthcoming mini-album that will be released this summer by British rock n’ roll label Easy Action (home to and in good company with Iggy and the Stooges, The Damned’s Brian James, Marc Bolan and T-Rex and Lords Of The New Church).

The video, assembled by Craig Temple, perfectly captures the intensity of ‘The Rich-Tual’ and was also featured as part of the Vive Le Rockdown 2 on Vive Le Rock’s YouTube channel.

Desperate Measures on Facebook

Pic by Dod Morrison

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Having been diagnosed with HIV in 1989, Mat Sargent decided to do something to help out the various charities that supported him and in 1995 he began the Sex, Drugs & HIV project to release a fundraising album.

Through his work as a musician on London’s punk scene, notably with SHAM 69, CHELSEA and SPLODGENESSABOUNDS, he called in a few favours.

Taking 16 years to complete, the album was initially released in 2014 in 2- and 3-disc versions, making thousands of pounds for charity. Now Mat has decided to release the full Sex, Drugs & HIV sessions in a mammoth 8-DVD set. Boosted by numerous outtakes, bonus tracks and extras, the set features contributions from over 200 guest musicians, including Adam Ant, Afrika Bambaataa, Beki Bondage, Boz Boorer, Brian Robertson, Captain Sensible, Charlie Harper, Damien O’Neill, Dick Lucas, Gina Birch, Gizz Butt, Jerry Dammers, Jimmy Pursey, John Otway, Kelly Johnson, Lee Thompson, Mark E. Smith, Mickey Fitz, Mike Spenser, Nicko McBrain, Paul Gray, Paul Samson, Pauline Black, Poly Styrene, Tony Hadley, TV Smith, Vic Godard, Wurzel and dozens more…

“I was diagnosed HIV+ in 1989 and the beneficiary charities for the project were my first port of call at the time. It was a scary time, I was just a teenager and was given between 3 – 5 years to live. It was 1995 when I had the mad idea to record the album with many of my musician friends and people I’d met on the road.

“I wanted to give something back to the charities that helped me through my journey in life. The Sex, Drugs & HIV album was released in 2014, it took 16 years to finish all the recordings and I was happy with the mixes for all the songs. The first release was the special edition 3 disc version (2xCD + DVD), this did very well so it was repressed as the 2-CD version. The project has made thousands of pounds for the charities so I’m happy it continues to sell and make money for the charities.”

Proceeds from sales of the set will benefit Cancer Research, Rape Crisis, Release and Terrence Higgins Trust.

For more information and a full list of contributors, and to buy Sex, Drugs & HIV -The Studio Sessions, go here.

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Coventry ska legends THE SELECTER’s classic debut album is to get a new expanded reissue.

Initially released in February 1980 , Too Much Pressure was the second long-player to emerge on the 2 Tone label, coming just four months after THE SPECIALS’ self-titled debut.

Rising to No.5 in the album charts, the album featured the Top 30 hits ‘Three Minute Hero’ and ‘Missing Words’.

As part of a 2 Tone reissues programme from the recently relaunched Chrysalis label, the album is to be re-released as a 3-CD box set, comprising the original 12-track album and stand-alone singles ‘The Selecter’ and the Top 10 ‘On My Radio’ as well as a Peel Session, live tracks, outtakes and other previously unreleased rarities. The set is completed by a booklet with sleevenotes by author Daniel Rachel.

At the same time, Chrysalis will be releasing a half-speed mastered 45rpm edition of the album on black or clear vinyl, with a bonus 7″ of ‘On My Radio’. Both versions are set for release on 23 April.

The Selecter on Facebook

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Not content with raising 1.17m for the nation’s struggling musical roadcrew last year, Aylesbury Friars founder David Stopps has teamed up with music icons and industry leaders to raise even more cash for the deserving cause.

Last year’s auction, which featured items by Mark Knopfler and Glastonbury Festival was a roaring success, with participants buying tickets for £5 to be in with a chance of getting their hands on money-can’t-buy memorabilia.

And this time, artists including Foo Fighters (pictured), Iron Maiden, Mumford and Sons, Spice Girls, Queen, Genesis and The Levellers are taking part.

Foo Fighters are a band boasting two iconic drummers Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins, and a drum head signed by the band is up for grabs.

Industry figureheads David Stopps, Ian McAndrew and Tom Schroeder, alongside Andrew Lenthall and Mike Lowe from Stagehand, began the #ILoveLive Prize Draw campaign to help raise funds for all the music stage and road crew in the live music events industry that have been affected by the pandemic.

David Stopps said, “When I heard about the tenth suicide among stage crew in late August, I knew I had to do something. Stage crew are not only suffering great financial hardship but most are also experiencing mental ill health. Money raised from these prize draws will actually save lives and help to safeguard their future.”

Stagehand is the only UK charity that specifically helps music stage and road crew and is dedicated to providing hardship funding for live events industry workers. In September 2020 the Stagehand Covid 19 Crew Relief Fund was launched, with a target of raising £1m (including donations) by the end of 2020. This was achieved with the current total at £1.17m which has enabled Stagehand to issue over 900 grants to crew, with many more to follow in 2021.

And this is why it matters, one lighting designer said, “I feel as if live events/touring crew have been completely forgotten about.

“Whilst the arts as a whole has struggled, I have seen a lot more financial support for theatre and television professionals.

“Thankfully the US Live Nation fund generously offered me a grant ($1000), but it was just a scratch on the income I have lost for the past 6 months and the expensive cost of living in London.

“I have not just been under financial strain, but mentally I have seen a change in myself. It’s been really difficult to stay positive and motivated; I wake up each morning and struggle to find a sense of purpose.

“Not knowing when I will be able to return to the work and lifestyle I have worked hard towards and been used to for so long, has left me feeling anxious and quite frankly depressed. The end is still not in sight, and we will be the very last to go back to work. We need supporting, urgently.”

And a band crew member added, “I have been in the entertainment industry in one form or another since the 1980s. I have a family who look to me to provide for them, and as there is nothing allowed to happen where I might get any employment, we are in a disastrous predicament.

“Sadly it’s not a case of we MIGHT run out of money and have no way to pay the bills, we HAVE run out of money and have no way to pay the bills.

“Credit cards exhausted, savings depleted, assets liquidated. I’ve never in my life had to sell my car to make sure the electricity stays on for my son to be able to do his home schooling.

“Mentally, financially and socially, my family have been left destitute.”

The #ILoveLive prize draw campaign, in partnership with the Crowdfunder platform, gives music fans the chance to give something back to the people who make life-affirming live events happen and to win money-can’t-buy prizes from their favourite artists.

This is not an auction. It’s a series of prize draws where each artist has their own prize draw. With an auction, only a few fans with the deepest pockets get involved, whereas with a prize draw the whole fanbase can participate. Fans from all over the world can enter for £5 via the artist’s #ILoveLive Crowdfunder page. If a fan enters multiple times, they stand a better chance of winning.

To find out more about what is on offer, and to buy your tickets go here.

Pic by Samon Rajabnik

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The world’s number one mariachi-sleaze band GYPSY PISTOLEROS have just unveiled the first video from their forthcoming new album.

‘Lost In A Town Called Nowhere’ is the taken from the album The Mescalito Vampires, which follows quickly on the heels of last year’s self-descriptively titled The Greatest Flamenco Glam Sleaze Band Ever!, their debut for Golden Robot Records.

Hailing from the lawless badlands of Worcestershire, the Pistoleros have been described as the ideal house band for The Titty Twister, the club in Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s classic ’96 Tex-Mex vampire flick From Dusk Till Dawn, fusing Hanoi Rocks-style glam-punk with mariachi horns and flamenco guitars.

Set for release on 26 February, ‘Lost In A Town Called Nowhere’ will be available on Riot Records on limited edition red-and-gold splatter vinyl 7″. Pre-order it from Carnival Records from 12 February.

Gyspy Pistoleros on Facebook

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Finnish garage-rock legends THE FLAMING SIDEBURNS herald their new album with a brand new video which they’re premiering exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

‘A Song For Robert’ is taken from the album Silver Flames, the first to feature all five original members of the band in twenty years. The song itself is a tribute to Hellacopters and Thunder Express guitarist Robert Dahlqvist who sadly passed away in 2017.

Formed in Helsinki in 1995, and quickly proving themselves in the Premier League of Northern European garage-rock, the original line-up lasted until their now classic debut album Hallelujah Rock’n’Rollah in 2001, before guitarist Arimatti Jutila moved to the US, forcing the band into a prolonged game of musical chairs.

After two more albums and hundreds of shows, the band finally ground to a halt in 2016, only for the founder members to reunite two years later for reunion dates. Realising the old magic was still there, it wasn’t long before the band returned to the studio with a bunch of arse-kicking new material and longtime friend and producer Jürgen Hendlmeier in the chair.

Silver Flames is set for release through Svart Records on 23 April and is available for pre-order here.

The Flaming Sideburns on Facebook

Pic by Neil Smith

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Rude GRL & CC Video Exclusive!

Last year we premiered the debut video by our old friend and punk veteran Chris Constantinou’s new project Rude GRL & CC, a cover of Vince Taylor’s ‘Brand New Cadillac’ that most of us know from a cover by The Clash.

The pair have now resurrected the song with a brand new up-to-the-minute video which we’re premiering exclusively today!

‘Brand New Cadillac’ is available to pre-save here.

Rude GRL & CC on Facebook

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Essex antagonists EIGHT ROUNDS RAPID have unveiled a new video from their current album.

‘Onesie’ is taken from the Southend band’s acclaimed third album Love Your Work released last year through Tapete.

Directed by Henry Littlechild and Tony Burke, the video stars actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor of Avengers: Infinity War and Peaky Blinders notoriety and is described as “a shank-sharp satire on our soulless and much-beloved Instagram-obsessed post-Brexit Britain”.

Formed in 2010, Eight Rounds Rapid take their cue from the mythical tradition of Thames Delta rhythm and blues, forced kicking and screaming through a post-punk filter via the clanking discordance of Gang Of Four to emerge awkwardly in the 21st Century beside the acerbic lyricism of the likes of Sleaford Mods and IDLES. Since 2014’s Lossleader, they routinely feature in Vive Le Rock‘s albums of the year list.

Love Your Work is available here.

Eight Rounds Rapid on Facebook

Pic by Paul Hughes

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L.A. punk legends NOFX herald their forthcoming album with a new video.

New single ‘Linewleum’ celebrates one of the band’s most famous – and most covered – songs, ‘Linoleum’, taken from their classic 1994 album Punk In Drublic. The new track features a guest appearance from Huntington Beach metallers Avenged Sevenfold.

“I have no idea why ‘Linoleum’ is the NOFX song that is covered by so many bands while other NOFX songs get hardly any attention,” says bassist/singer Fat Mike. “‘Linoleum’ wasn’t a single, it had no video, it got no radio play, and most importantly, it didn’t even have a chorus!!! All popular songs have choruses! WTF! So, one night I stayed up till 4:00 am checking out all the different versions on YouTube. Watching hundreds of bands from over 28 countries (mostly Indonesia) doing ‘Linoleum’ was a humbling experience for me. So I decided to write a song that was a shout-out to all those people that learned those four chords and remembered the non-rhyming lyrics. Then I asked the biggest of all the bands (Avenged Sevenfold) to play some leads on the song. Then M Shadows suggested we do a video together. Then I figured I should put all of the bands in the video. Well, I couldn’t fit all the bands, but I picked a bunch of cool ones! A song about not playing a song that’s not a hit song with a video about other bands covering the song! This is why I love punk rock writing punk songs. Rules out the door!”

The band’s 14th album, Single Album was recorded at San Francisco’s Motor Studios with Jason Livermore and Descendents drummer Bill Stevenson producing.

Single Album is set for release on 26 February through Fat Wreck and is available to pre-order here.

‘Linewleum’ is available to stream/download here.

NOFX on Facebook

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