DOMESTICS frontman JAMES DOMESTIC launches his solo career with a new video today.

‘Faze Out’ is the first taste of his debut solo album Carrion Repeating which is due out next spring.

Fronting East Anglian hardcore pioneers The Domestics for a decade, James has also done time with the likes of Pisser, Tokyo Lungs, Hazard Profile and more. ‘Faze Out’ finds him moving away from hardcore, however, fusing Krautrock with junkshop electronica, while drawing influence from from the likes of Ian Dury, Mark E Smith and Vic Godard.

Carrion Repeating is set for release in April 2022 on Kibou Records via TNS (UK) and Amok (Europe).

‘Faze Out’ is available to stream/download now from Spotify and all the usual platforms.


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This week sees the release of I’m Sorry Sir, That Riff’s Been Taken, the brand new album from Aussie legends the HARD-ONS. It’s the first to feature new singer Tim Rogers.
To celebrate, we asked guitarist Peter Black to go through YouTube and give us a Top 10….


Fuck, this was a big album for us… what am I saying?! It still is!

Nothing sounds like this and nothing ever will… they reformed when we were still youngsters and played an infamous show at an abandoned site called Alpha House (apartments todays) was INSANE… terrifying and exhilarating, over run by skinheads, we were hiding up the back… left alone cause we were still in our diapers practically! We would take turns pushing our way up the front while it seemed the whole place was having a punch-up and X played along at ear splitting level. Lost count of the times we saw ’em after that… no-one will ever bass like Ian Rilen did… can’t describe it ’cause words like Savage, Powerful, Nuclear, Fatal just doesn’t come close! The album Aspirations was reportedly recorded in five hours… don’t you just LOVE THAT?!!


There is this book called Inner City Sound – Punk And Post-Punk In Australia, came out in 1982 (recently reissued) that we read cover to cover… each story and the wild photos inside were so inspirational that we would hunt every record / band that was mentioned… one band in particular,The Leftovers, sounded proper scary! Couldn’t wait to hear this and fuck-en-hell didn’t disappoint…!


Another favourite… and another ‘what the fuck am I listening too??’, its barely held together and all the more powerful because of it! I wanted to cover it, or at least try to, but it’s not always ‘just the song’ but the ‘performance’ as well… only these four nutters could sound like this…


In keeping with the tradition of pristine Aussie hi-fidelity comes this mind blower! Freaking insane… we covered this with the wonderful Neil Hamburger… members went on to Venom P Stinger and Dirty Three and lucky for youse guys, pretty sure this has been reissued not that long ago.


Pretty soon, being the music nerds we were, we started hearing and reading about ’60s Punk’… WTF?? When you first hear it there’s no turning back…’ enthralled by all the Pebbles, Nuggets, and Flashback series of records we found an album called Ugly Things put out by Raven Records, by rock historian Glenn A Baker and this is one of the greatest records ever full stop! Every song is killer… How many of these songs we tried to cover when we were jamming? Ha! Lost count… I know we did this one. BLISTERING.


And this WILD track… discovering there was also a film clip?? Oh boy!!



Does anything sound like this?? Ever?? No way… The Saints covered this and ya gotta hand it too ’em, their version is killer.

But this is a truly one of a kind unhinged slab of magnificence!! Should be studied in schools!! 

These were but three songs on the Ugly Things compilation I mentioned… can you see what I mean about being one of the best albums ever?!!


I know everyone knows The Birthday Party but I think most people forget what a SHOCK to the system they were… We managed to see one of their last ever shows and – get this! – with the Scientists and X as supports. It’s a gig I will never forget EVER!! Man! We pushed to the front but I had to go pee and lost my spot for a bit… when I finally managed to get back there Ray gleefully informed me that Nick Cave head-butted him! FUCK OFF! I was so jealous. 

Their records still sound like a nightmare in-fucken-credible. Goosebumps watching this even from shitty computer speakers.


When we were old enough to sneak into pubs this incarnation of The Scientists started playing and like X, I’m pretty sure we went to every single fucken gig… ya just couldn’t miss ’em…

It’s hard to describe what that was like… maybe, put headphones on… close ya eyes, turn it up till its hurts a little, then fall down some stairs… HOW GOOD IS THAT?!!


I don’t know how to end… when we started playing there were a million awesome bands… we loved ’em all, and a million killer labels… we loved ’em all!

Australian rock and roll was in a good place…

I’ll end on this as I wish Damian Lovelock a whole lotta Rock In Peace.

The Hard-Ons’ I’m Sorry Sir, That Riff’s Been Taken is available now from Cheersquad and Boss Tuneage.

Hard-Ons on Facebook

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JAMIE PERRETT has a new video which he’s premiering exclusively with Vive Le Rock ahead of the his London headline show at the weekend.

If the name sounds familiar it may be because Jamie is the son of THE ONLY ONES frontman PETER PERRETT, as well as being his guitarist and producer on his most recent album for Domino, Humanworld. Jamie was also the original guitarist in Pete Doherty’s BABYSHAMBLES.

His second solo single, ‘Angel Of Santiago’ follows on from Jamie’s debut single ‘Masquerade Of Love’ and was inspired by a fraught journey from Barcelona to Nîmes.

“It was one of those nights, like the Scorsese movie After Hours, where everything just goes wrong,” Jamie explains. “Trying to get from A to B seems like an impossible task. We missed the train by seconds. Then attempted to get a coach which didn’t exist. An Uber to the local car hire place ended in disappointment when we found out our license had just ran out. With each passing hour and options running thin, we sat in the taxi contemplating our next steps. ‘I’ll drive you,’ said Sandra, the flamenco guitarist from Barcelona. ‘We’ll make it to Nîmes, France (390 km) in time for the gig’. Me barely being able to keep my eyes open, nodded in agreement and pointed in the direction of France. Luckily we made it, just in time for sound check. No-one would have done. Oops.”

“The video was quite a healing experience,” he continues. “A 3-day shoot with a lot of trekking on the south coast near Gosport. A mini-pilgrimage, like a condensed Camino De Santiago. I’m at my most happiest when in transit, constantly moving, alone with my thoughts. Some of the weather was quite extreme and the paths (semi) treacherous. A lot of the time I was just silent. Going through my own shit. Reliving memories.”

Jamie and his band play The Grace (formerly Upstairs At The Garage), London this Saturday 2 October – tickets

‘Angel Of Santiago’ is available to stream/download here.

Jamie Perrett on Facebook

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BILLY IDOL returns to the UK or an arena tour next summer.

The ex-Generation X frontman will be joined by THE GO-GO’S on all dates.

The dates, Idol’s first since 2017, follow on from the release of The Roadside EP, which came out this month. The Go-Go’s too have recently had a profile boost with the release of The Go-Go’s documentary film produced and directed by Alison Ellwood, last year.

Full dates are…

Sat 11 June – SSE Hydro, Glasgow
Mon 13 June – AO Arena, Manchester
Wed 15 June – Resorts World Arena, Birmingham
Sat 18 June – SSE Arena, Wembley
Sun 19 June – Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
Tues 21 June – First Direct Arena, Manchester

Ticket presales begin on 28 September. Sign up here.

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Former BLACK FLAG bassist KIRA ROESSLER has announced the release of her debut solo album.

Roessler joined Black Flag in 1983, following stints in Sexsick, The Monsters and Twisted Roots, alongside former Germs and current Foo Fighters guitarist Pat Smear. Immediately prior to joining the Rollins and co, she was in DC3 with former Black Flag singer and guitarist Dez Cadena. Roessler played on four Flag studio albums during her tenure, kicking off with ’84’s Family Man.

Henry Rollins said of her Roessler, “She was a mere slip of a woman, but physical size really didn’t matter. She was in one of the most ferocious bands at the peak of violence in that scene in the ’80s.”

Going on to form dos with ex-Minutemen bassist Mike Watt, Roessler has also enjoyed a successful career as a film dialogue editor, working on such films as Mad Max: Fury Road, Joker and A Star is Born, and earning two Emmys in the process.

Striking a much more minimalistic tone than her work with Black Flag, Kira recorded the album, simply titled Kira, with her brother Paul Roessler (Screamers, TSOL, Richie Ramone).

“These days, most of my music is created alone in my room and then fleshed out with tasty additions from close friends I request virtual musical bits from,” she says. “Then, it’s off to Kitten Robot Studio where my loving brother and co-producer Paul Roessler helps me polish each song. The goal is simple – express my inner essence and hope that others might feel a bit of their own by listening.”   

Kira is set for release on 19 October through Kitten Robot.

Pic by Jack Grisham

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Swedish rockers THE BABOON SHOW are back with a storming new single and video.

‘Oddball’ follows on from the band’s last single ‘I Never Say Goodnight’ out last year and is, say the band, “for all the Oddballs out there, all the misfits and outcast who want to fit in or not. We sure do feel like Oddballs. Be whoever you wanna be and have fun while doing it! Oddballs, we salute you!”

Formed in Stockholm in 2003, the band comprises founders Cecilia Boström (vocals), Håkan Sörle (guitar) and Niclas Svensson (drums), more recently joined by bassist Frida Ståhl. Following on from their six-track debut EP, they delivered their first three full-length album in little more than 18 months! They’ve toured widely covering not only Scandinavia and Europe but also playing in China and Cuba, where they recorded with Cuban musicians, fusing their high velocity Scandipunk with Cuban rhythms.

The band have lined up a Euro tour for the first half of 2022, arriving in the UK in June for dates at The Hairy Dog, Derby (10/6) and O2 Kentish Town, London (11/6), the latter as guests of The Descendents.

‘Oddball’ is set for release on vinyl on 28 January, and is available to pre-order, with an exclusive 20-page comic and sew-on patch, here.

The Baboon Show on Facebook

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Fast-rising London rockers SEVEN DAYS AND DOESN’T DIE have just launched a video for their debut single, which is out today.

The rampaging ‘No Restitution’ is the first taste of the band’s self-titled debut album, due on 19 November through their own Seven Days label.

Fronted by guitarist/vocalist Kit, who also plays in Rich Ragany & The Digressions, the rest of the line-up comprises guitarist Deano, drummer Nic and bassist Roadkill – not his real name, we’re guessing!

The track was recorded by Tom Hough (Bloc Party, Grinderman) and mastered by Dave Draper (Professionals, Wildhearts).

Described by Kit as “a sleazy lament on longing and remorse,” it’s an explosive first offering from a band that’s definitely one to watch.

Pre-order the album Seven Days and Doesn’t Die here.

Seven Days and Doesn’t Die on Facebook

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RICHARD DAVIES & THE DISSIDENTS finally make good on their acclaimed debut album with a run of live shows this Autumn.

The West Country blue-collar rockers, who feature various members of Mega City Four, Last Great Dreamers, Tiny Monroe and The Snakes released their debut album Human Traffic to wide international praise in June last year, but thanks to the Covid pandemic, plans for live shows had to be put on hold.

The band finally emerged last month to play a storming set at Mantonfest near Marlborough. They’ve now got the bit between their teeth, with more shows lined up including a set at the Swindon Shuffle festival and London’s Pump It Up Powerpop Weekender at the end of the month.

Full dates are…

Fri 10 Sept – The Castle, Swindon (Swindon Shuffle)
Sat 18 Sept – The Fox, Basingstoke
Fri 24 Sept – The Betsey Trotwood, London
Sat 25 Sept – The Lextington, London (Pump It Up)
Sat 27 Nov – What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone

Check out Richard Davies & The Dissidents covering Lords Of The New Church’s ‘Russian Roulette’ at Mantonfest…

Human Traffic is available now on Bucketfull Of Brains Records.

Richard Davies & The Dissidents on Facebook

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A fundraising page has been set up to help former PSYCHEDELIC FURS guitarist John Ashton, who’s been diagnosed with cancer.

Joining the London band prior to the release of their 1980 debut album, Ashton remained with them throughout their early successful career, writing and playing on seven albums until they went on hiatus in 1992 and rejoining for several more years following their return in 2000.

He’s also worked with numerous other artists including Marianne Faithful, Arctic Monkeys, Mercury Rev and Sisters Of Mercy, producing their classic single ‘Alice’. Resident in upstate New York since the early 90s, he launched his own Satellite Paradiso project in 2014.

In June, Ashton was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer, which has spread to his lymph nodes. Difficult to treat, the ongoing costs are expected to outstrip health insurance coverage. This comes on top of the financial challenges brought about by the pandemic.

A GoFundMe page has therefor been set up by his friend, neighbour and renowned bassist Gail Ann Dorsey with a target of $100,000, more than 50 per cent of which has been raised so far.

To donate to the fund, go here.

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DJ, broadcaster and filmmaker DON LETTS has curated an album of cover versions for the Late Night Tales series.

Mindful of the role played by covers in the development of Jamaican music, on Version Excursion, Letts has selected 21 dub transformations of songs by the likes of The Clash, Joy Division, War, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Althea and Donna, Kool & the Gang by such artists as Ghetto Priest, The Tamlins, John Holt, Rude Boy, Matumbi, Gentleman’s Dub Club, Easy Star All-Stars and more, many of them exclusive remixes.

“A disciple of sound system, raised on reggae n’ bass culture my go to sound was dub,” says Letts. “Besides being spacious and sonically adventurous at the same time, its most appealing aspect was the space it left to put yourself ‘in the mix’ underpinned by Jamaica’s gift to the world – bass. But that’s only half the story as the duality of my existence meant I was also checking what the Caucasian crew were up to not to mention the explosion of black music coming in from the States. That’s why this version excursion crosses time space and genre, from The Beach Boys to The Beatles, Nina Simone to Marvin Gaye, The Bee Gees to Kool & The Gang, The Clash to Joy Division and beyond. You’d think it impossible to draw a line between ‘em but not in my world. Fortunately, the ‘cover version’ has played an integral part in the evolution of Jamaican music and dub covers were just a natural extension.”

Check out this cover of Big Audio Dynamite’s ‘E=MC2’ by Gaudi The Rebel Dread ft. Emily Capell…

“Truth be told I’ve wanted to work with the Late Night Tales crew from the get go,” he adds. “We’re talking nearly two decades such was the allure of their musical aesthetic typified by curators like Nightmares on Wax, The Flaming Lips, MGMT, Trentemoller, Khruangbin and countless others. Now being as old as rock’n’roll (born in ‘56) and having nearly 20 years of Culture Clash Radio under my belt I figured I was tooled up to musically juggle with the best of ‘em. But I wanted to carve out a space that was distinctly my own – something that reflected my musical journey and the culture clash that’s made me the man I am today.”

Set for release on 24 September, Don Letts’ Version Excursion is available to pre-order here.

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BOOZE & GLORY bounce back with tour of the UK and Ireland this Autumn.

The announcement follows the news that the band are set to return to the studio next month to work on a new EP.

The tour kicks off in Bristol on 10 November, winding its way through to Camden Underworld on 26 November. More dates and support acts are still to be finalised.

Full tour dates so far are…

10 Nov – BRISTOL – Exchange
11 Nov – PLYMOUTH – The Underground
12 Nov – DERBY – Hairy Dog
13 Nov – LEEDS – Boom
14 Nov – STAFFORD – Redrum
16 Nov – NEWCASTLE – Trillians
17 Nov – CARDIFF – The Moon
18 Nov – BOLTON – The York
19 Nov – DUBLIN – The Grand Social
20 Nov – BELFAST – Limelight
21 Nov – EDINBURGH – Bannermans
22 Nov – DUNDEE – Beat Generator Live
23 Nov – GLASGOW – Broadcast
24 Nov – TBC
25 Nov – BLACKPOOL – Waterloo
26 Nov – LONDON – Underworld
27 Nov – TBC

Tickets are on sale here.

Booze & Glory on Facebook

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Aussie punk legends the HARD-ONS have unveiled the first single from the forthcoming new album.

As recently announced, the band have recruited a new lead singer in the form of Tim Rogers, best known for his role in chart stars YOU AM I.

A longtime Hard-Ons nut, Tim’s still in You Am I but that hasn’t stopped him stepping up to record an album with his new bandmates, and will be touring with them just as soon as Covid allows.

Taken from the brilliantly-named I’m Sorry Sir, That Riff’s Been Taken, the righteously throbbing punk-pop ‘Hold Tight’ comes accompanied by a video by Jonathan Sequeira, maker of the excellent Radio Birdman doc Descent Into The Maelstrom.

Due out on 8 October through Boss Tuneage in the UK, I’m Sorry Sir, That Riff’s Been Taken is available to pre-order now through Bandcamp.

Hard-Ons on Facebook

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If you’ve been enjoying our HARD AS NAILS cover feature in the latest edition of Vive Le Rock, then get yer ears round this playlist….

These West Londoners – featuring Lucas Fox recently chucked out of Motörhead – for some reason decided to record their album live in the studio, releasing it next day. Rough and ready, this track captures their live energy. Sadly, they couldn’t outlive the gimmick, label Island soon dropping them. The album Needle Time has recently been reissued through Gonzo Media.


Purveyors of ‘acid punk’, Lightning Raiders were poised for world domination when their label, also Island, unceremoniously dropped the before the could get their album out (it’s out now, through Rock Candy). This clip is from a belated NYC reunion show featuring singer Gass Wild and now sadly departed guitarist Little Johnny Hodge.


Straight outta Wood Green, Bethnal mixed Who-style moddish rock with street-savvy lyrics, written from bitter experience. Debut album ‘Dangerous Times’ is choc-full of righteous anthems, of which this – check that monster opening riff! – is just one.


Don’t let the Charles II haircuts fool you, thanks to angry anti-establishment frontman Bernard Bonvoisin, these Parisians are as punk as they come. They even got Jimmy Pursey to write their English lyrics.


Touted as a band most likely to, Atom Seed are mostly linked to funk metal, this storming title track from their debut album clearly shows their roots in shouty, dystopian Killing Joke-style post-punk. Ripe for rediscovery.


When they arrived on the UK scene championed by Oi supremo Garry Bushell, no-one quite knew what to make of these inked up Aussies. What we got was belligerent, hard as nails, high energy pub rock. This is them at their ’81 peak.


Sacked from The Damned, Algy Ward put together this new lot with his Croydon mates, unintentionally seeing them labelled as a baby Motörhead. We think they definitely had more to them than that.


With which Cooky and Jonesy unveil their new project, recruiting Andy Allan from the Lighting Raiders, briefly, until his hair got in the way. Allegedly.


Their first two albums are rightly hailed as classics, but their even rawer third album, from which this title track is taken, tends to be overlooked. Check it out now.


“Goes up like prices at Christmas!” You can’t say fairer than that! This supercharged version of their eponymous anthem is taken from the classic No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith, a new deluxe expanded edition of which is out now.

Read the full Hard As Nails feature in the latest edition of Vive Le Rock! out now!

Pic by Graham Mitchell

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Rejuvenated Kiwi rockers DESPERATE MEASURES have unveiled another new video from their forthcoming mini-album.

The brooding ‘Flowers At Your Door’ is the second single to be taken from the six-track Rinsed, and follows on from ‘The Rich-Tual’, revealing the diversity and complexities of the band’s sound. The video was directed, edited and shot by Craig Temple of Racketeer Pictures.

“’Flowers…’ was written after being stuck in pretty much self-isolation for three months on last year’s first lockdown as a relationship went down the pan,” explains band founder and frontman Eugene Butcher. “It was a lonely time for a lot of people and this song was born out of all that.”

Formed on the thriving Christchurch scene in 1981, Desperate Measures burned briefly but brightly in their original incarnation, performing at the infamous Golden Showers festival and being handpicked to play an aftershow party for The Clash before releasing the now highly sought-after 1984 EP.

Retooled and revitalised four decades later, Butcher leads a new London-based line-up featuring guitarist Gaff (Glitterati, Rich Ragany & The Digressions), bassist Ricky McGuire (The Men They Couldn’t Hang, UK Subs) and drummer James Sherry (K-Line, Done Lying Down).

‘Flowers At Your Door’ is available now from Spotify, Apple and Bandcamp.

Out on 6 August through Easy Action, Rinsed is available to pre-order here.

Desperate Measure play a special album launch at The Hope & Anchor on 30 July with support from Knox from The Vibrators and The Backstreet Abortions – tickets

They then play HRH Punk at Sheffield O2 Academy on 3 October – tickets – before heading out on tour with THE PROFESSIONALS. Full dates…

13 Oct – Tunbridge Wells, Forum
14 Oct – Oxford, o2 Academy
15 Oct – Swansea, Sin City
16 Oct – Manchester, Factory
18 Oct – Glasgow, King Tuts
19 Oct – Newcastle, The Cluny
20 Oct – Nottingham, Bodega
21 Oct – Birmingham, Castle Falcon
22 Oct – Liverpool, EBGB’s
24 Oct – London, The Garage
25 Oct – Bristol, The Exchange
26 Oct – Leeds, Brudenell Social
27 Oct – Milton Keynes, Craufurd Arms
28 Oct – Chester, Live Rooms


Desperate Measures on Facebook

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The world’s number one CRAMPS tribute band TEENAGE WEREWOLVES return to the UK next month. Having been postponed three times already, thanks to the lifting of pandemic restrictions, the shows finally look set to go ahead.

Following on from their explosive 2019 tour, the band planned a speedy return, lining up a 13-date tour for 2020. Frontman Jack Atlantis and showgirl Kitten de Ville were two days away from boarding a flight for London to start the tour when the first airport closures started at the beginning of the pandemic. Left with no choice, Jack and his tour manager Gary, cancelled all dates.

Over the course of 14 months, they started over from scratch and re-booked, then cancelled, three complete tours. That’s 40 booked then cancelled venues, 90 hotel rooms and 85 poster designs. Months of lost time which equates to substantial financial and personal loss they will never get back. To add insult to injury, the band were forced to make two member changes: lead guitarist and drummer, plus two different rock’n’roll show-girls.

“The Delta variant looked like it would surely end a fourth Teenage Werewolves tour,” sighs Jack. “When Boris Johnson recently announced 100% re-opening, we were caught off guard and have been racing to get up to speed as our and our opening act SHE’S IN BAUHAUS’s dates loom closer. . . As of today, this project is clinging by its claws (pun intended), so success of this 2021 tour is crucial for us to continue in the United Kingdom.”

Kicking off in Grimsby on 12 August, the Stay Sick Tour winds through to Brighton Green Door Store on 23 August, taking in a London show at the legendary 100 Club on 20 August. Full dates are…

12 AUG – GRIMSBY Docks Academy – tickets
13 AUG – LEEDS The Warehouse Leeds – tickets
14 AUG – NEWCASTLE The Cluny – tickets
15 AUG – STOCKTON The Georgian Theatre, Stockton – tickets
16 AUG – MANCHESTER Factory Manchester – tickets
17 AUG – LIVERPOOL Jimmy’s Liverpool – tickets
18 AUG – WOLVERHAMPTON The Slade Rooms – tickets
19 AUG – BRISTOL The Fleece Bristol – tickets
20 AUG – LONDON The 100 Club – tickets
21 AUG – DERBY The Hairy Dog – tickets
22 AUG – SOUTHAMPTON The Joiners – tickets
23 AUG – BRIGHTON The Green Door Store – tickets

Teenage Werewolves on Facebook

Pic by Ming Sanchez

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Thanks to the ongoing doubt around the scheduling of live music events, the organisers of the Vive Le Rock-sponsored FUTURAMA festival have taken the difficult decision to postpone the event until Easter 2022.

The much-vaunted return of the semi-legendary 80s post-punk event, featuring Heaven 17 (pictured), Spear Of Destiny, A Certain Ratio, Peter Hook & The Light, The Chameleons and many more, had initially been scheduled to take place in April this year, but ongoing restrictions forced organisers to move it to September. With doubts rife across the industry over the wisdom of the Government’s decision to free the nation from restrictions on 19 July, the decision was taken to move it once again to the weekend of 16-17 April 2012.

The organisers state, “We apologise for the inconvenience but the increasing COVID infection rate, plus the latest delay in lifting restrictions without the necessary assurances and guidance from the Government, has made it impossible to put the festival on this year. It’s the news that many expected but few wanted, but it did become obvious during the long dark months of lock down that even if a green light was given on June 21st, people would still be hesitant and rightly so. Despite the government saying July the 19th, we know people have changed and it will take a little time to restore confidence and feel secure inside indoor events.

“More than anything, we want Futurama to be free of all restrictions. We want it to be a celebration of freedom, we want people to be able to fully immerse themselves in the festival and to be able to wander around all our great venues, watching bands, eating & drinking, without having to worry about safety precautions. That’s what a festival is all about; having a great time, interacting with music fans and we don’t think we can produce that special atmosphere this year. We are all longing for Futurama to return and we can wholeheartedly promise to deliver the greatest post punk festival this country has seen in over four decades.

“Most bands have reconfirmed for next year and the ones that can’t make it will be replaced by just as good bands as we have been inundated with acts to play the festival. The good news is we’re happy to confirm that tickets for this year’s festival will automatically be rolled over to 2022. So next year’s festival is secured, and no further action is required! If you’re not able to join us in 2022, you’ll be able to claim a face value refund on all tickets. We’re working closely with our ticketing partners, and they will be in touch with instructions on the next steps within 7 days. Thank you again for your continued support. For now, keep safe, keep healthy and look after each other. The Futurama Team.”

More details can be found here.

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Cali neo-Gothic post-punks ESSES have revealed a new video from their new album.

Simultaneously reminiscent of Bauhaus, Siouxsie & The Banshees and Toyah, ‘Pierce The Feeling’ is the latest track to be taken from Bloodletting For The Lonely, which follows on from the Oakland quintet’s 2016 debut No Light In This Fire and 2018’s mini-album Offering.

Esses will be launching the new album with a livestream party on 4 August. Full details here.

Out on 6 August through Bat-Cave and Atakra Records, Bloodletting For The Lonely is available on vinyl and digital here and on CD here.

Esses on Facebook

Pic by Kevin Brown

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THE DESCENDENTS have unveiled another track from their forthcoming original line-up opus.

The 56-second ‘Like The Way I Know’ is taken from 9th & Walnut, which takes its name from the Long Beach band’s practice space.

The album comprises tracks from their earliest setlists circa 1077-80, rerecorded in 2002 by the original four-piece line-up of bassist Tony Lombardo, drummer Bill Stevenson, singer Aukerman and guitarist Frank Navetta who sadly passed away in 2008.

Set for release on 23 July through Epitaph, 9th & Walnut is available to pre-order here.

Descendents on Facebook

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