Free 2016 live Calendar with VLR 32!

Pick up the latest issue with the Ramones on the cover (no.32 – order your copy from anywhere in the world HERE) and get a FREE live calendar.

It features stunning live photos from photographer Dod Morrison ( of Anti-Flag, Wilko Johnson, Killing Joke, Lee Scratch Perry, Motorhead, NOFX, Paul Weller, Sham 69, Steel Pulse, The Adicts, The Who and UK Subs!

See the calendar cover above and images from a couple of months below. All photos copyright Dod Morrison.



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Free CD with VLR31!

Pick up the latest issue of Vive Le Rock with The Clash on the cover either online or via your local newsagent and check out tracks from Theatre Of Hate, The Members, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, Dynamite Pussy Club, The Kingcrows, Black Cat Rebellion and many more.

Here’s what’s on the CD. Order your copy of the magazine HERE.

23 VLR 31 CD PAGE900

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Free CD with VLR29!

Pick up the latest issue of Vive Le Rock with The Damned on the cover either online or via your local newsagent and treat your ears to tracks from the likes of The Damned, Satellite Paradiso, Imperial State Electric, The Terraces and many more.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s on the CD. Order your copy of the magazine HERE.


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Pick up the latest issue of Vive Le Rock with the MC5 on the cover either online or via your local newsagent and treat your ears to tracks from the likes of Iggy & The Stooges, The Urban Voodoo Machine and many more.




Here’s the full track listing:


1. Iggy & The Stooges – I Got A Right

2. The Vex – Way Outta Line

3. The Band For Disease Control And Prevention – A Kill In The Morning

4. Desperate Measures – 1984

5. The Urban Voodoo Machine – Hid The Bottle

6. Bandvandal – Under That Curse

7. The Destructors – You Pleb

8. Bunt – Redline (Out Of My Mind)

9. Slow Faction – Armchair Revolution

10. The Cundeez – Reality TV

11. The Swindells – Wasted Generation

12. Malfunction – Tattoo Girl

13. N=1 – Dub Be Bad To Me



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The legendary bassist talks the band’s secret to success, how punk and rock changed his life and his brush with extravagance. Read the rest of this interview in the new issue of Vive Le Rock (no.20), out now! Order your copy HERE.

You’ve had more chart singles and a longer run of success than almost any other band of the ’70s. How did you do it?
“I find a lot of people now are seeking success for the sake of it and the trappings of success. We’ve had a lot of success but have still managed to stay a bit underground. We’ve played some big festivals this summer, especially T In The Park, and then we’ve played a few clubs too. That keeps us healthy and alert. Also, you don’t rest on your laurels. We’ve sort of managed to get the balance right a lot of the time, not all the time but a lot. We enjoy all aspects of it and it keeps us on our toes.”

Looking back at punk and what it’s done for you and the Stranglers, it must have changed your whole life?
“That’s true. We entered unchartered territory a few years back because when we started we were just a few guys trying to make music together. You progress one rung at a time – you get your first record and we had a bit of success with that. You don’t expect it to last too long so you try and enjoy it while you can. But then forty years on, we’re still doing it. It’s unchartered territory because it didn’t say that on the packet. I think it said ‘Sell by date – three years from now’. There’s a perception that after your second album your band will start to go downhill. Why should bands go downhill then? There’s a weird perception in this country about rock music that after your third album you start coasting. But as a person you develop more insight as you get older so surely if you can transfer that into your musical output, surely it’s even more valued?”

What’s been the most extravagant thing you’ve ever bought yourself, if I may ask?
“Funny story. Three or four years ago I was offered a V12 Aston Martin convertible at a pretty good price. It wasn’t brand new but there weren’t many miles on the clock and it was a V12 Aston Martin. I thought, ‘great! I can have this.’ I’ve always wanted a fancy car, I can be the rockstar in the fancy car instead of riding on motorcycles all day. But then I thought, ‘well hold on, problem is I do prefer riding on motorcycles around London, it’s a much better way to get around. So where would I be able to drive it? Also, there’s the paranoia that someone scratches it and you’ve got three grand’s worth of work to do. I don’t have a garage.’ All that paranoia. So I phoned my mum up and said, ‘mum, can I leave it in the south of France? It’s the opportunity of a lifetime.’ That’s where she lived and pose up and down the coast and impress the girls. She said to me, ‘son, firstly, it’s extravagant and secondly, it’s for the man who has everything, and you ain’t’. (Laughs). So she put me back in my place and I didn’t get it.”




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Vive Le Rock is proud to present the UK premiere of the new video (in association with Muzu TV and Big Cheese magazine) from the London ska favourites’ upcoming album ‘Naked’.

The video is for the title track from the band’s upcoming album ‘Naked’, out September 15th through People Like You Records.

Mixed by the former protégé of megastar Adele producer, Paul Epworth – the much-in-demand Jamie Ellis (Florence & The Machine, The Rifles) – there’s no question this album represents a collection of songs with the quality to propel the band to the status they so richly deserve.

Buster Shuffle frontman Jet Baker comments: “We are very proud of our new album “Naked’ and hope you like it as much as we enjoyed writing and recording it with Jamie. This album has been written all over Europe making it a truly international record for us. Enjoy!”

Buster Shuffle tour the UK and Europe in the coming months:

08.08. UK Winchester, Boom Town Fair
23.08. UK Isle of Wight, International Scooter Rally
29.08. DE Niedergörsdorf, Spirit Festival
12.09. DE Frankfurt, Das Bett
13.09. DE Sarstedt, Sarstedt Open Air
20.09. UK London, The Jazz Café (Album Launch Party)
26.09. UK Derby, The Hairy Dog
27.09. UK The Green Door, Brighton
03.10. UK York, The Fulford Arms
09.10. CZ Prague, Rock Café
08.11. DE St. Wendel, Saarlopalloza
15.11. DE Chemnitz – AJZ Chemnitz
21.11. DE Berlin – SO36
22.11. DK Copenhagen – KB18
06.12. DE Magdeburg – Ska Fest

Watch the video premiere below!


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The legendary frontman talks to Eugene Butcher about the original line-up of Theatre Of Hate reuniting and what we can expect from the new Spear Of Destiny album…


For the Theatre Of Hate dates I hear the original band is getting back together again? What’s it like playing with Stan Stammers and the other guys?
"The band consists of Stanley Stammers, John Lennard and me, along with Danny Farrant on drums and Adrian Portos doing guitar duties. Stanley, John and myself are the hardcore of it and we are lucky to have the drum genius of Danny Farrant playing with us. It’s always special standing on a stage with John and Stanley. The nearest I could explain it is some kind of ‘unity’… of person, of being, maybe all this along with the totally unique music being played up there. It’s definitely a very big buzz on stage with the guys.”


Vive Le Rock has heard a snippet of the new Spear Of Destiny album and it’s sounding amazing. How did the recording go and what can you tell us about the album?

"This album, ’31’, is a more uptempo album than most in recent years. Not deliberately so, just that the batch of songs turned out that way. As I have often said, I feel as if I am simply ‘the messenger’ for the music. The universe sends it through and I receive the message. It has a wide range of subjects too. The words, as is always the case, are the hardest to write. Especially after so many years as a songwriter. In the case of ’31’, it has not been so hard. I even wrote three sets of words to the songs without marrying up word and music with a guitar in my hand. Some songs simply write themselves like ‘Titanium Man’ or ‘The Failure’, plain and simple.
"’Titanium Man’, had guitar parts put on by Spear guitarist Adrian Portos that blew everybody’s minds; there are or could be no other parts bar what he put on it that would fit more perfectly than Titanium Man’s cranky, doomed world view. Marvel and the CCCP would be proud.On ‘Cry Baby Cemetery’ there’s a ton of voodoo to the tune, alongside its strange off kilter rhythm, Ade’s ripping lead guitar and plenty of women screaming throughout. An eerie Louisiana copycat crime is its themes and lyrical inspiration.
"‘Speed of Life’ was inspired by Manet’s famous painting of a woman tending bar at the Folies-Bergere in Paris in 1882 (somewhat bizarrely, she looks very similar in appearance to my mother). The disillusionment and bewilderment at the speed of life in her times, at the end of her century, painted into her expression. I transposed that to modern times using famous quotes.

"’Love on The Rhine’ is like a drinking song from 1910, standing somewhere by the famous river. The almost accidental introduction part continually makes me smile, as it sounds like some 1970s dreary German TV series or drama intro music.

"There’s a lot on this album, so I won’t drone on and spoil it for listeners.”

Read more of this interview in the new issue of Vive Le Rock (no.20), out now! Order your copy HERE.



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