L.A. punk legends X are back with their original line-up and a brand new album.

Alphabetland marks forty years since the band's classic Los Angeles album and thirty-five since the line-up of Exene Cervenka, John Doe, Billy Zoom, and DJ Bonebrake last made an album.

The project's been brewing since late 2018, when the original foursome convened to work on five songs with producer Rob Schnapf, their first recordings since 1985's Ain’t Love Grand. The five if them then returned to the studio at the start of this year to lay down a further seven songs completing the tracklisting for Alphabetland.

“When your heart is broken you think every song is about that. These songs were written in the last 18 months and it blows my mind how timely they are,” explains John Doe. “We all want our family, friends and fans to hear our records as soon as it's finished. This time we could do that. Thanks to Fat Possum and our audience.”

The albums' been released by Fat Possum via Bandcamp, although the band are looking to release it via alternative avenues as soon as possible.


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