Italian punk sensations SMALLTOWN TIGERS are treating their fans with a witchy new video for Hallowe'en!

The lasses from Rimini should by rights be preparing for a run of UK dates right now, but because of Covid 19, they've had to be scrapped. They have, however, released a new video for the track 'Darling Please!' from their acclaimed debut album which came out in April through Area Pirata.

"Because of the pandemic, we postponed our UK gigs from May to November," they explain. "Then, because of ongoing restrictions, we had to cancel them altogether. We apologise to everybody that bought tickets or even just thought about coming to our shows. It is hard for us to stay away from the road.

"We all hope that the situation could be back to normal in 2021 so we could come back strong and play in any club that would be willing to have us. Other than that, we are already working on a new album for release next year. We would love to shake this ugly 2020 off our backs with something new!"

Five Things is available digitally and physically through Bandcamp, as well as Spotify and all the usual platforms.

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Pic by Debora Magalotti

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