LOUD WOMEN FEST returns next month with its usual eclectic line-up.

This year's event takes place at The Amersham Arms in South London over 2-3 September and features sets from the likes of I, DORIS (pictured), BUGEYE, CHARLEY STONE, CHROMA, DEUX FURIEUSES, DEUXES, DINOSAUR SKULL, FRAULEIN, GILAN, GIRLCRUSH, HANNAH ROSE KESSLER, HOTWAX , I AM HER and loads more.

“Loud Women has always campaigned for better representation of women in the music industry," says founder Cassi Fox. "It’s all about building a strong platform and passing the mic to those who most need their voices amplified. There’s strength in numbers, so this year we’re using that platform also to amplify the voices of our sisters campaigning on important topics which are relevant to our audiences – e.g. access to abortion healthcare, keeping gigs safe from sexual assault, and protecting ourselves, our sisters (and not just our cisters) from state violence.”

This year they're partnering with various organisations, including Level Up, running bystander intervention training and campaigning on behalf of pregnant women in prisons; Safe Gigs for Women, a team of volunteers creating a safer environment for women at gigs and festivals; Girls Against, a nonprofit organisation standing up against sexual assault and misogyny in the live music scene; and Alliance 4 Choice – a Northern Ireland abortion support campaign group.

Check out the trailer...

Further details and tickets can be found here.

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