London punks DEALING WITH DAMAGE are back with a new video and new-ish album.

The droning, irrepressible psych-punk 'Slow Shadow' heralds the new vinyl release of their highly-praised debut album.

Ask The Questions was released to rave reviews on CD and download at the end of 2019. The vinyl edition should by rights have followed soon after but the mammoth delays in vinyl-pressing caused by the pandemic have meant it's only now surfacing.

To make it worth the wait it's been bolstered by two bonus tracks - ‘Making Plans For Misery’ and ‘Lady Day’ - recorded at No Recording Studio in Rayleigh, Essex during the summer of 2019. The album title has been amended to Ask More Questions accordingly.

The band, who are made up of former members of Sink, K-Line, Done Lying Down, Jerry-Built, Stupids and The Scum Children, took advantage of the fine summer weather between lockdowns to decamp to the Surrey wilderness of their youth to shoot the video for 'Slow Shadow'.

“Lyrically, ‘Slow Shadow’ is a meditation on the universal experience of hurtling towards death, one day at a time, whilst at the same time being damned if having a few extra years on the clock is going to dim the creative fires that burn inside us,” explains the song's author Ed Wenn. “It’s 2 minutes and 42 seconds where the veil of self-deprecation is cast aside and DWD insist on being heard. One day they will indeed be that slow shadow, but for now at least, they’re here and they feel they have something to say and an interesting way to say it.”

Ask More Questions is out through Little Rocket Records and is available here.

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Pic by Leanne Taylor

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