Youthful Manc punks AERIAL SALAD have just announced their new album with a new video.

'Romance' is the first single to be taken from the band's second album Dirt Mall, which is set for release on 27 March on their own Roach Industries imprint in conjunction with WONK UNIT's label Plasterer.

"The video comes from us having no idea what to do for a song called ‘Romance?’," explains guitarist/singer Jamie Munro. "Aren’t we just fucking incels right, our friend Vez suggested we clean Mike’s (bass) car and it turned out quite Beastie Boys. It was filmed by Kieron Jordan from the band Don Blake and it was freezing. Do you want romance? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you really? Is it wicked? I’m lovin’ it like this. The song is about wanting to romance someone who is otherwise romantically engaged, however, there is mutual romantic interest (how very sitcom) however it can't quite be… let’s say addressed.”

Aerial Salad initially formed to play The FEST in Gainesville, Florida. Returning home, a chance meeting with Wonk Unit mainman Alex Johnson resulted in a three-week tour with the band and an invitation to record their debut album Roach.

Fast forward three years and the band have recorded Dirt Mall under the guidance of Johnson with Paul Tipler (Leatherface, Earl Brutus) at the desk.

“It captures everything I’ve seen working as a temp in offices and generally being in my twenties trying to work myself and the world out," says Munro. "With some pop songs thrown in for fun.”

Aerial Salad are out on the road in April with Cali punks DECENT CRIMINAL. Catch them at...

10 April - Bristol, Exchange
11 April - London, New Cross Inn
12 April - Brighton, Cowley Club
21 April - Canterbury, Lady Luck
22 April - Stafford, Redrum
23 April - Blackpool, The Waterloo
24 April - Manchester, Punk Festival

'Romance?' is available now from Apple, Spotify and all the usual digital platforms.

Dirt Mall is available to pre-order here.

Aerial Salad on Facebook

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