Dirty-blues three-wheeler JIMMY REGAL & THE ROYALS gear up for the release of their new album by premiering a new lyric video exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

'That's All It Took' is the first track to be unveiled from Late Night Chicken, the South-East London band's second album, out through Lunaria Records on 25 September.

"'That's All It Took' is about the vanishing distance between heaven and hell," say the band. "Breaking up and falling in love are equally destructive, and each can happen within a heartbeat. One second you're together on the dance floor, next she's gone. Or just one glance at the right pair of eyes and boom - you're in a situation. The main riff is a guitar's interpretation of Ray Charles' 'What'd I Say?'. We're influenced by piano rhythm'n'blues, honking horn sections and the like, as a way of making the guitar and harmonica do things they're not used to. Reinterpretation is one way of moving forward."

The enigmatic trio don't give away much about themselves, except that they recorded the album with producer Simon Trought (Comet Gain, Television Personalities) at Soup Studio, situated in an old lightship at the mouth of the River Lea in East London. "When the tide was down, we played on a slight slope," recalls guitarist CJ Williams. "Come evening time, the tide pops the boat back up and everything starts rocking.”

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