Scottish garage-punksters REACTION have a new video which they're premiering with Vive Le Rock!

'All Aboard The Bad Trip Express' is taken from the band's third (and probably best) album Vigilantibus which is out now on Tarbeach Records of NYC. The album's title is from their old school motto and means 'remain vigilant'- an appropriate warning in this weird world we inhabit. One of twelve new songs, 'All Aboard The Bad Trip Express' closes out the album with a journey through punk, dub, ska and, all in a very strange four-and-a-bit minutes.

The album also contains a dub version of the song, remixed by The Warped Plan which is an even wilder mind-melt.

Moving on from the punk vibes of the first album Accelerator and the SubPop and angular-sounding follow up Keep It Weird/Keep It Wired, Vigilantibus has elements of Americana, Nuggets-style garage and even a pastiche of UK82 among the full-steam ahead pile-on of songs.

Keep It Weird. Keep It Reaction.

Vigilantibus is available now from Tarbeach or from the band.

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