Former NEW MODEL ARMY man Nelson is back with a new album from his latest band SURFQUAKE.

After twenty-two years touring the world's stages with the legendary Bradford folk-punks, the bassist returned to his hometown of Colchester, Essex and, switching to guitar, formed Surfquake, inspired by the 60s sounds of surf music, sci-fi and psych.

A mix of covers and originals, Quake Up! belatedly follows on from the band's 2012 debut Surf & Destroy, which saw the band getting airplay from radio legend and local lad Steve Lamacq.

Having also served (surfed?) time with major-league Colchester bands MODERN ENGLISH, CLEANERS FROM VENUS and CHURCHFITTERS, Nelson is joined in Surfquake by former MYSTERIE BOIS bassist Nic 'Noserider' Sadler, SALTDOG drummer Dan 'The Dune' Sceats and latest arrival, keyboardist Cara 'Carabunga' Bruns.

"After Cara joined, we got a new lease of life and started recording again," says Nelson. "We always have a laugh in the studio and after nearly three years we found we had 17 tracks that we really liked and decided it was time to quake up and to stick ‘em together as an album - there’s a bunch of covers and a few of our own tunes – we even did a bit of singing for a change."

Check out the cheap'n'cheerful video for 'Surfer Jet City'...

Surfquake play a special album release show on 26 April at Three Wise Monkeys, Colchester. Tickets are on sale here.

Quake Up! is available to pre-order here.

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