JIM LINDBERG, frontman of Cali melodic punks PENNYWISE has just laid down a first taste of his new solo project with a new video.

'The Palm Of Your Hand' was produced by folk-punk maven Ted Hutt and features help from Dropkick Murphys Marc Orrell on guitar, The Mighty Mighty BossTones' Joe Gittleman on bass and Social Distortion's Dave Hidalgo Jr on drums.

“I wanted to create two fictional characters who are struggling with shame, guilt and self-delusion to match the chorus lyric and so that’s how ‘Left-Handed Sal’ and ‘Walleyed Sally’ were created,” says Lindberg of the song, which was 15 years in gestation. “It’s a song about two people who for one reason or another can’t seem to get out of their own way and end up inflicting all kinds of damage on the people around them. The only way they’ll get out from under all their problems is to ‘Let that ego drop’ and let their feelings show. The answer is right there in front of them, in ‘the palm of your hand’.”

There's no news yet on when or if a full-length album will be released.

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Pic by Brent Broza

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