Australian-born, UK-based artist DEZ DARE has unveiled a new video from his forthcoming second album.

'' is taken from the album Ulysses Trash, which is due for release on 19 August through Ch!mp Records. It follows on from his debut Hairline Ego Trip, which was released last summer.

Dare aka Darren Smallman, grew up in Geelong, Victoria where in 1990 he became involved in the local punk and rock scene, playing in the band Warped, who shared stages with the likes of 5678s, Fugazi, The Dirty Three and the Hard-ons, eventually moving to the UK in 2010.

Speaking about the single, he says, "Religion has always confused me. I was raised Catholic for a while. It wasn't for me. I find the concept of faith difficult. How to believe in the intangible? The concept of heaven, even more baffling. I remember being asked in school whether I believed, and when I said no, the brother asked whether I wanted to see my family and friends in heaven when I died. This scared the fuck out of me and I said, 'No, 80 years is more than enough thanks'. We are animals, like all other organic life. We are a part of the entire universe down to the molecular level and reach far into the galaxy and beyond. We have little time before we are absorbed back into the quanta, so we should all take a breath, understand our place and stop hoping for a magical life beyond. Surely being a part of this massive and beautiful cosmos is amazing enough? Do we really need more?"

'' is available to buy here.

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