Former Turbulent Hearts singer SUZI MOON gets her solo career off to an incendiary start with her first single and video which she's premiering with Vive Le Rock!

With its buzzsaw guitar-and-drums attack and shoutalong chorus, 'Special Place In Hell' is a perfect declaration of arrival as the lead track from Moon's debut EP Call The Shots, due out 21 May through Pirates Press.

Moon's career began by joining her older sister in the Hellcat-signed Longbeach band Civet for eight years before fronting the trio Turbulent Hearts. More recently she had a brief tenure with L.A. Machina, releasing one single for Alternative Tentacles.

However, after 15 years playing in bands, stepping into the spotlight as a solo artist was something of an inevitability. "Songwriting is my passion and I really wanted to own that moving forward. Going solo was a totally natural progression for me. It just took some time for me to be ready. It's a little bit scary but here I am, unapologetically Suzi Moon, puttin' it all on the line for everyone that'll listen!"

The video for 'Special Place In Hell' draws its inspiration from Roman Polanski's 1965 Brit spinechiller Repulsion, starring Catherine Deneuve and Ian Hendry. "It’s one of my favourites and I have always wanted to pay homage to the movie in my own way," says Moon.

One focus of the video, which was directed by Eric Schraeder from The Enclave Live, is to illustrate Moon's attempts to balance her time and presence on social media. "Especially in today’s times when most of what artists do is online, there are these moments when you are dressing up and getting ready for 'showtime' online" she says. "It’s not very satisfying when you turn off the camera at the end of the night and haven’t received any real physical connection. It can feel a bit empty, wanting more. Balancing Suzi at home baking bread in her sweatpants and Suzi online and in performance mode."

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