New Manchester punk poster boys AERIAL SALAD have just dropped another new video.

The trio have been picking up crazy reviews for their second album Dirt Mall, which has just been released on their own Roach Industries imprint via Wonk Unit's Plasterer label.

The band were due to be out on tour right now, taking the album to the people, but the onset of Coronvirus lockdown has put paid to that. Accordingly, the new single 'Lazy' celebrates the fine art of staying in and doing very little.

"'Lazy' is a song that came written out of thin air,” explains guitarist and singer Jamie Munro. “I'd taken an edible and after it had settled I picked up my guitar after listening to The Seahorses ‘Love Is The Law’, and wrote that whole song in five minutes, it’s about the fucking joy of having a Saturday in with no plans, sometimes you can't be arsed with 'the sesh' and you just wanna stay at home and embrace your inner lazy, in these times of quarantine that's every day now.

"The video is simply me and Mike [Wimbleton, bass] and our mate Vez doing what we normally do when we have a Lazy day together.”

The video contains male nudity and recreational drug use, by the way. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Buy Dirt Mall here.

Check out the album review and interview in the new edition of Vive Le Rock! on sale here.

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