Agit-punks MC16 are back with a new video which they're premiering with Vive Le Rock!

'Class War' follows on from their 'United States Of Generica' single released back in November.

Back then, the band took a knock when their rehearsal space was trashed by local hoodlums, but it'll take a lot more than that to keep this band down. In fact, as 'Class War' shows, they just get stronger. Rise above, indeed.

“We may not still live in the Victorian times of top hats and corsets for the rich and dead people’s clothes for the poor but our system is still built on the same outdated values, attitudes and hierarchies” explains bassist Quinn. “But it’s not just about salaries and money; it’s as much about the basics of right and wrong, morals, self-entitlement and access to influence and power. It will always be an unfair world because inequality starts as soon as you are born. My Mum didn’t get to choose whether she went private or not. That’s why there will always be a Class War because you will always be fighting someone or fighting for something”

'Class War' was recorded with producer and engineer Simon Hopkinson at Electric Bear Studios in Mansfield, and the video is the work of Will Hutchinson of Hutch Films.

'Class War' is available now from Bandcamp.

Catch MC16 live at the following dates...

Aug 3rd - 100 Club, London (w/ Spear of Destiny)
Aug 7th - Rebellion Festival, Blackpool
Aug 12th - Gig on the Farm, Abbeydore
Sept 4th - Mach Punk and Ska Festival, Machynlleth
Oct 29th - Star & Garter, Manchester (w/ 999)
Dec 17th - Westgarth Club, Middlesbrough

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Pic by Will Hutchinson

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