London pop-rockers RICH RAGANY & THE DIGRESSIONS are back with a brand new single an video.

'Heartbreakers Don't Try' is a taster for the ex-ROLE MODEL's as yet unnamed second album which is due out this Summer.

Recorded between lockdowns at the South London studio of producer Andy Brook, the album finds the Canadian-born songwriter joined by a now stable line-up including Brook on keys, guitarists Gaff (Desperate Measures, Hollywood Brats) and Kit Swing, bassist Ricky McGuire (UK Subs, The Men They Couldn’t Hang) and fellow ex-Role Model Simon Maxwell on drums.

“A pretty simple song lyrically about the fight you can have with depression”, says Rich about the song. “But then that great feeling of just saying 'FUCK IT' and standing up and taking on the day, week or challenge. Just taking that cloud and giving it stiff little fingers and going out and gettin' some JOY! The liberation.”

With lockdown still making it difficult for bands to get together in one place, the band had the novel idea of getting their puppet pals to appear in the video...

“The puppets do a fantastic job of raising your spirits, and they are really feeling those lyrics,” laughs Rich. “We love bands like The Faces who are great at juggling beautiful music, but also letting their humour show. It’s in the spirit of that.”

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