Texan sex machines KILLER HEARTS have a new video for Valentine's Day and they're premiering it exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

'Buried In Leather' is the latest single to be taken from the Houson quartet's debut album Skintight Electric, which was released through Spaghetty Town last autumn.

Formed in 2015 by local punk vets, guitarist Brandon Barger and bassist Gil Lira along with drummer Cory Parker and Brandon's brother Jarrett on vocals, the Killer Hearts fuse punk energy and economy with arena rock dynamics in a flamboyant, sleazy whole. Or should that be hole?

“Me and my brother Jarrett write all the songs,” says Brandon, “We're not really trying to write punk songs exactly. Not that I have anything against that. We're just writing about Bayou City, where we live – it's tough, mean, dirty, like the Dead Boys.

“I grew up on punk,” he explains. “So I went through the punk thing, then I got into glam rock as a guitar player. I also got into classic heavy metal a bit. I think that's what made whatever sound that I have. I wanna be Johnny Thunders, but I also wanna be Fast Eddie Clarke from Motorhead! I wanna be flash, I wanna be sassy, but I also wanna rip!”

Skintight Electric is available in Europe through Dragstrip Riot and in the US through Spaghetty Town.

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Pic by Violeta Alvarez

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