K÷, the collaborative project between Jaz and Geordie from KILLING JOKE and former NEW ORDER bassist Peter Hook, have a video which they're premiering exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

The haunting, atmospheric 'Remembrance Day' is taken from the trio's K÷ 93 EP which is out this Friday 19 March, while the moving video pays tribute to Gang Of Four's Andy Gill, Joy Division's Ian Curtis, Killing Joke's Paul Raven and others.

“In recent interviews I have talked extensively about how my ‘precognitive’ abilities have affected my work," says Jaz about the work. "'Remembrance Day' is a good example of this being essentially a song about how Covid-19 has changed our lives but written some 30 years ago! Indeed I remember thinking when I wrote the lyric ‘what the fuck is this about?’ - it’s certainly not the conventional 11/11 Remembrance Day dominated by the poem of Rupert Brookes, The Soldier (and others). However, the prose of K÷’s 'Remembrance Day' is certainly about megadeaths and now it’s happening in real time.

"Looking back to early 2020 our colleague Andy Gill (of Gang Of Four fame) died unexpectedly from a respiratory problem. Then a year later I received news that my beloved Uncle Bob Pandy (who was a second father to me) died on Christmas Day. I went into shock and contracted a handful of illnesses including Covid-19 from which I have fully recovered I am happy to say!”

As previously revealed, the three tracks on the EP were the result of a session recorded by the trio at Hook's studio in 1993, that Jaz descries as "spontaneous and magical".

Remastered from a DAT cassette that recently resurfaced, the EP is now available on clear 10" vinyl, limited to just 2,000 individual numbered copies.

“I think these tracks are great. I hope something else happens or at least we play them some time. I’ve missed you lads! “ exclaims Hook, while Jaz adds "When you listen to this rare chemistry, you will understand why I’ve always felt this experience begs for a full opus magnum somewhere in the near future.”

K÷ 93 is available on vinyl here along with various merch items. Get it digitally here.


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