One of our favourite people, Mr Rat Scabies is back with a new outfit, THE SINCLAIRS, who are about to release their debut album Sparkle. They're premiering their brand new video 'La Venta' exclusively with Vive Le Rock! today!

We caught up with Rat and his partner-in-crime Billy Shinbone to get the full lowdown...

How did The Sinclairs meet?

Rat: We met back in the '90s when Billy and his band Flipron walked into my studio asking how much time a hundred quid would buy them. Somehow, they managed to stay for a couple of years. I ended up producing two Flipron albums and we've been friends throughout.

Why the name The Sinclairs? Wasn't it an old car, a Consul?

Rat: Well it's a family name attached to the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland which is one of those places that holds a strange magnetism for those who might be involved on a hunt for the Holy Grail. But that's not the real reason. I just liked the sound of it.

Billy: I'm not one to dabble in the dark arts of Grail hunting, I always thought it sounded like a family of trapeze artists from Carlisle. The Flying Sinclairs. But now you mention it, it does sound like a cheap '60s car to me. Like a Ford Corsair or a Singer or a Simca. But a Sinclair sounds like a 1930s cocktail too. But it doesn't really mean anything.

If The Sinclairs could play at a dinner party who would you invite?

Rat: Vivian Stanshell, Berenger Sauniere and Banksy.

Billy: Slim Gaillard, Frida Kahlo and Syd Barrett.

Do you both write the music? Rat, do you play guitar?

Billy: It's definitely a joint effort. I usually come up with the initial melody line, which I send to Rat, who turns it upside down and completely rearranges how I imagined the tune would sound. Then we work it all out in the studio as we record. Then Rat does the sound effects and synths etc. Finally, we argue about tiny details until one of us gives in.

Rat: The details are sometimes delicate, weirdly often on the noisier numbers. And yes, I do play some guitar on one song. I'm not telling you which one, though. You have to guess!

Describe The Sinclairs in three words.

Billy: Absinthe, Bourbon and Vermouth. It's the Sinclair cocktail. We drink them all the time and they're pretty good. Like a cross between a Manhattan and a Sazerac, if you're into mixology. Go very, very easy on the Absinthe, just rinse the ice with it or it'll taste like an aniseed ball.

Sparkle will be released through Cleopatra and is available to pre-order on limited red vinyl and CD now.

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Pic by Jason Bridges

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