NYC rockers THE SWEET THINGS are back with a new single and video which they're premiering exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

The sleazy country-rocking 'Brown Leather' is the first single and title track from the quartet's second album which is due out in June. The video is by Video Rahim, also responsible for clips by RMBLR, Biters and many others.

The album was recorded at the legendary FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama with producer Matt Chiaravalle with finishing touches added in NYC’s Flux Studios and Mercy Sound.

Speaking of the video, founder Davie Tierney says, “[co-founder] Sam [Hariss], my girlfriend Scarlett (she plays the orange-haired skater in the video), and I were sitting around one night talking about what the video for this song should look like. ‘I’m seeing roller skates and butts,’ Scarlett said. We bullshitted the idea around for a couple hours and filled in all the blanks until the concept had materialized. The Brown Leather Roller Disco Bar in the video is basically the kind of place we would want to play or hang out at, but since it didn’t exist in the real world (that we know of), we had to create it. Hopefully nature takes its course now, and some of that life imitates art shit happens so that a place like this will open that we can actually hang out at and play.

“In our world someone saying, ‘that’s very brown leather’ is sort of similar to saying, ‘that’s not very punk rock'," he adds. "It’s meant derisively in a way intended to criticize someone’s taste and even their cred a bit. It’s lighthearted, but also intended as a dig. The song ‘Brown Leather’ is basically us saying we don’t give a fuck what other people think, we’re just gonna do what we like and what we think is cool. The video itself is just an extension of that attitude, since we’re singing about doing what we like, we’re gonna make a video of what we’d like to see…we think other people will like it too.”


Brown Leather is set for release on 3 June through Wendigo Productions NYC and Spaghetty Town Records.

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Pic by Robert Butcher

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