UK agit-punks MC16 are back with a new single and video which they're premiering with Vive Le Rock!

On 'United States Of Generica', which follows on from last year's 'Anti', the trio cast a jaundiced eye on the blanding of high streets up and down the UK throughout the past couple of decades, as independent businesses are forced out by grasping landlords and faceless chains...

“I used to think I was psychic” says drummer Duffy. "I could be in any city centre for the very
first time and know where all the shops were. But then I realised that all the city centres are all just
generic. I am not psychic. Pah!”

“High streets have just become memories now," says bassist and co-vocalist Quinn. "I remember
some of the great characters of our high street like the man who was always dressed as a cowboy
shopping with his mum, and the busker with only one string on his guitar. Now its just a middle
ground of mediocrity!”

“You can’t just blame the death of the high street on the internet,” adds guitarist and co-vocalist Carson. “High streets are very product-focused but me personally, I don’t buy a new brand label t-shirt every week but I would be more of a user if they were more service- or experience-focused and built on need not gain.”

The track was once again recorded with Wildhearts and Professionals producer Dave Draper. For the video, the band hooked up with Will Hutchinson, director of the acclaimed Brit-horror Overhill.

'United States Of Generica' is available from the band's Bandcamp.

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