Anglo-Spanish garage rockers THE PULSEBEATS are back with a brand new album.

Based in Santander on Spain's northern coast, it's been a five years since the band's last album Fiction Non-Fiction, which they're now following up now with the 13-track Lookin' Out.

“This time we wanted to have a go at doing as much as we could ourselves,” says singer and guitarist Nathan Whittle. “We wanted the challenge and also the space and time to be able to really focus on the sound of the album. The live tracks for the album were done in one day and then we had time to go back and really work on it and flesh out the tunes.”

The album's first single '(She Sings Like) Joey Ramone' "...focuses on the idea of adulation, a fixation on and recreation of another self to the point that the individual is consumed and becomes another idol themselves."

Set for release on 13 November through FOLC (Spain) and Rum Bar (US), Lookin' Out is available to pre-order here.

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Pic by Carlos Espejo

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